Get Free Energy Saving Light Bulbs

A law that allows to receive free bulbs or to make insulation for free work at home… too good to be true? No! But the device is reserved for some households. Explanations.

Nothing is free in this world… except the LED bulbs, it seems! A few months have flourished on the Internet ads promising a pack of bulbs for zero euro. Too good to be true, you say you. Except that in reality, it is a distribution all that there is more serious. However, it is not disinterested.

Thanks to the law of energy transition

To understand this sudden “generosity”, have in memory the objectives of France (more widely in the EU) to reduce overall energy consumption, but also its gas emissions greenhouse in the same proportions of 20% and increase the share of renewable energy by 2020. Remember, it was in the context of the Kyoto Protocol or Grenelle of the environment.

These commitments have been formalised in law Pope in 2005. This text notably obliges the sellers of energy (gas, electricity, fuel, fuels) to finance activities designed to help individuals, communities and businesses to reduce their energy consumption.

Including through aid for insulation work of housing or installation of a new efficient boiler among individuals, for example. In Exchange for these efforts, these companies (EDF through Intermarché or crossroads… Total) receive (or buy mandated companies, including those that organize “free bulbs” operations) (UNECE) energy saving certificates that allow them to escape to big penalties.

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What to do with the bulbs, then? Here it is: he must go back to January 1 and a provision in the law on energy transition for green growth. The text adds a new obligation to the previous for sellers of energy: “create new shares to destination of households with modest incomes, explains Benoît Chèze, the founder of goal ecoENERGY who holds the reduction site’Light.” Which led to setting up new free programs for people with modest incomes, including the distribution of LED bulbs”. The Toughestflashlights expects, alone, to distribute 2 million, “or 16 million euros of electricity saved for the France”, figure it.

Bulbs galore…

To receive free of charge a pack of light bulbs (limited to 5 per unit since July 1 by order), show white paw. This operation is, in fact, reserved for households considered to be “in a precarious energy situation”: income tax benchmark shown on the last notice of taxation (or the for the taxable Asdir) does not not exceed the following ceilings:

Applicants must, during their registration, communicate their tax number of the declarant and the reference of the tax notice. “This check is carried out under an agreement with the tax services, says Benoît Chèze. It is imposed on us under the scheme of energy savings certificates”.

Icing on the cake for those eligible households: shipping costs are also supported by reduction ‘ Light. There is therefore no hidden fees. However, applicants should take their pain with patience, the company preferring to wait to have enough applications before going command to his supplier to provide free shipping. Expect several months before get them home.

Note: the site, him, still offers 10 free bulbs, despite the limit of 5 imposed since July 1. When contacted, the company not responded to our requests for clarification on the subject.

… But also subsidized insulation work

The “good deeds” subsidized by the sellers of energy do not stop there. As part of the “ECE precariousness”, household owners or tenants there also meet certain income criteria are entitled to a “lost loft” insulation of their new home or old financed up to 100% with an “energy charge”.

“For applicants whose incomes are lower ceilings required to receive light bulbs free of charge, the total cost of the construction of lost loft insulation will cost them 1 euro, without any charges to move forward”, explains Benoît Chèze. As for households in which the reference tax income is less than the limits in the table below, their work can be supported up to 30 to 60%.