Germany’s Next Top Phone

To the next Super Wasundwenauchimmer is cast in television for choosing what is the transmitter POS-and usually only scrap comes out at the end. Looking for the perfect phone, we therefore waive the casting and tinker us even prefer the new Super phone.

We are indeed a not as bitchy as Heidi Klum and also not around swear like Dieter Bohlen. And it is also not the case that we us not for Nokia’s flagship N95 8 GB or the Apple iPhone with the incomparable touch operation could inspire. Anyway: Even the current top cell phones have their weak side, and leave the one or other Miss of more appropriate facilities.

So lacked Apple’s first mobile approximately the data Turbo UMTS or a GPS module.And even the second version, the iPhone 3 G, comes still with a stale 2-megapixel camera. The Nokia N95 in turn lack of battery power, when the successor to N95 is lacking on the voice quality 8 GB. And Sony Ericsson annoyed its customers already almost notoriously with small buttons.

Ultimate Super Phone
We have cobbled together us therefore a mobile suit our taste – of course only virtually. The beauty of it: there’s the items already. Our super model combines all this into a mobile phone, what already distinguishes the current top mobile phones in particular namely: HSDPA, GPS, touchpad, 5-megapixel camera, storage, television, chic design and, and, and…

You want to know which phone next top phone contributing it to Germany? Then treat yourself to a look at the current motto-show with all candidates: