Gentle Help of Cold

You can request the first colds in the baby quite as parents! The nose is clogged, the little breathing heavily, not drunk, is cranky, can’t sleep and cries much. Preferably, it would take a baby from the cold and snivel themselves. But I can’t unfortunately. And the symptoms can worsen when the air through the heating is very dry.

The humidity should be 45%. Here I recommend to hang humidifier from the heating, or to place bowls with water on the window sill. You can hang lavender oil (which calms) also a damp towel with approx. 10 drops over the heater. And don’t forget to ventilate once go before going to sleep.

Before they fight the common cold with medication, you can try maternity lingerie when the flame of common cold symptoms. Should it be not better after two or three days, fever is added or the baby seem apathetic, she of course immediately consult a pediatrician.

So that children can inhale indirectly and the nose is free, take oregano butter or Angelica balm from the Pharmacy and rub it your child easily on the nostril, under the nose, and on the chest. Under no circumstances should take strong-smelling Mint – ointment or other menthol-containing products, because they are suitable only for adults!

To the soothing bathing is not bad (as long as the baby has no fever and likes to bathes it). To do this, I recommend a ten minute pull bag thyme tea and to give the tea water in the bath water.

Often homeopathic remedies help children well; You should contact but the precise means and the dosage your midwife, doctor or naturopath. Also homeopathic remedies are not without danger from incorrect use!

A baby gets fever, say from 38.5 ° C, you should keep just in case always consulting with the pediatrician. As long as it goes well the baby, drink it and not apathetic acts, fever must not necessarily be reduced. If the child feels uncomfortable but, you can try it once with calf wrap. But only if the legs are too hot! This is not the case, no calf wrap may be made. To do this, take a washcloth, which is soaked with lukewarm water (approximately 3 ° C below body temperature) and place it around the small calves of the child. Wrap towels around the legs then dry (hand). It should be noted that the feet should stay warm. Let the wrap no longer than ten minutes, because the children or to quickly cool down.

The child is free from fever and good humor, you should go with a sick child in the fresh air. A walk of 30 minutes – fat wrapped in a baby carriage – enough but not too much effort on the child.

I hope you come by the cold time!