Garden Tools and What They Are Used For

Find products for light and heavy work, in addition to pruning, maintenance and cleaning. The online shop guarantees the lowest market prices and a wide range of products

Inspiring and therapeutic gardens need special care to keep your garden radiant green and beautiful. To do this, you need the garden tools found in different versions.

The lightweight tools, such as paddles, the sancho and rake, are suitable for growing the plants, preparing the land and plow the garden soil, respectively. The hoes are considered as heavy tools, suitable for more robust jobs like weeding and digging holes in the ground.

There are also products designed for cleaning and maintenance of your green space. Composed of several teeth, the groomer has the task of collecting leaves and debris and can even help prepare the land for cultivation. The leaks cleaner has a format that allows cleaning in hard to reach places and can remove weeds.

Now, if you need tools to do the cutting and pruning, choose between different scissors available here online, indicated for cutting branches, flowers, ornamental plants, grasses and hedges. Whatever the activity is, it is important to use the gardening gloves that protect your hands when you are cutting branches or grasses. Here, the gloves are found in sizes S, M, L, XL and unique, all of which are made ​​of tough materials like polyester, latex and bamboo fiber.

You may also need the accessories of garden hand tools. It extenders cables (referred to hoe, shovel, rake, sickle and ax) and supports knife sharpener. These products are offered for you with unbeatable prices.