Galaxy tab 10.1N: The Sale Of The Tablets May Begin

Sales may start
First it looked good for apple: End of january the düsseldorf higher regional court confirmed in a summary proceedings prohibiting sales of tablet pcs galaxy tab 10.1 samsung. The korean company wrongly uses the outstanding design of the ipad, so the establishment of the competent judge. Elsewhere, it looks bad on the other hand: The court found on february 9, 2012 the modified version of the tablet galaxy tab 10.1N to be legal. Nothing more in the way now is the sale of the unit design dispute: Apple banning samsung’s smartphones.

Design dispute: Galaxy tab 10.1N is allowed

So apple has failed permanently, to prevent the sale of the galaxy tab 10.1N in germany. Already on december 22, 2011, the düsseldorf regional court ruled that the changes enough to install the new version of the tablets on the european market. In its present appearance the galaxy tab deviates enough after a preliminary decision of the court of the so-called design of the ipad from apple. Including the widened part of the housing and the enlarged manufacturer logo were decisive for the establishment.

Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 with android 3.0

9 product photos the samsung galaxy tab see 10.1

Suffix in the galaxy tab

Compared to the original tablet galaxy tab 10.1, there are only a few differences with the new N-model. The biggest change is the case: It has a thicker frame now, the speakers are visible. The galaxy tab is 10.1N as wi-fi and UMTS variant in various memory sizes (16, 32 and 64 GB) in the trade. There is otherwise no technical changes affecting the hardware. The software comes the version 3.2 used instead of android 3.0.

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Samsung may use scrolling technology

Even apple had to give on another level in court: Contention of a further complaint was a touch-display technology that uses samsung galaxy tab and the smartphone galaxy nexus. Since apple owns the patent on the technology, the californian group tried to ban the sale of the two units. Without success: Before the district court of munich, samsung could prove that the technology already existed before apple to protect them.