Galaxy S6, One M9 & iPhone 6 In The Great Camera Comparison

For many, the most important thing about a new smartphone is: the camera. How well the new Galaxy S6 from Samsung and the HTC one M9 in comparison to the iPhone 6 shooting hit, has tried out CURVED on a photo tour.

Before we take a look at the photos, I call the fundamentals of cameras in memory you once again: In the Galaxy S6 – and also in the Galaxy S6 edge – a 16-Megapixel sensor is. The Aperture has a luminous intensity of f1. 9. The one M9 creates even 20 megapixels with its sensor. The camera of the iPhone 6 has a luminous intensity of f2 as the one M9. 2 as well as a back illuminated image sensor that delivers only photos with a resolution of 8 megapixels for the Smartphone von Apple. HTC makes a claim as the only manufacturer to the focal length of the lens. She should be 27.8 mm. The iPhone 6 is based on the EXIF data of images on 24.4 and the Galaxy S6 25.25 mm. You can see that the two smartphones have a larger recording angle than the one M9, when taking pictures with their cameras in any case with the naked eye.

Selfie cameras, the Galaxy S6 with five Megapixels offers the largest resolution, the one M9 follows with four megapixels, the iPhone 6 lands with its FaceTime camera and 1.2 megapixels on a distant third place.

A Nocturnal Ramble

Since Samsung especially praises the strengths of the camera in the dark at the presentation of the Galaxy S6, I checked with a tour through the nocturnal Hamburg.

So much in advance: Low light, no smartphone delivers good pictures as we know it from SLRs. The small area of the image sensor, which may be never so great in a mobile phone is to blame. You look at the pictures in original size, artifacts and blur are in all three test units. Nevertheless, there are huge differences as the views of the pictures of one M9, Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6 show.

The HTC one M9 disqualified immediately for recordings with poor lighting. The pictures are out of focus and color along the track. To recognize that you have, not even to look at the photos in original size. The photos of the iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S6 look significantly better. With the S6, a yellow tinge is to recognize, but more realistic acting at nighttime street lighting as the bluish pictures of the iPhone 6. Despite only half as great resolution – or perhaps because of it – the images of the iPhone 6 are sometimes more detailed and less noisy than the Galaxy S6. The two head-to-head, is clearly beaten the iPhone 6 only when Flash shooting himself.

Portrait And Selfie

Portrait and Selfie are almost shot the same image, with two different cameras. We first see the portraits of rear cameras. Here, the iPhone 6 provides the most natural-looking colors, followed by the Galaxy S6, in which not only the photographed person, but also the background are crisp sharp pictured. The one M9 disappointed at this point with problems during the processing of the shining, a distinct yellow tinge and focus issues.

At the Selfie, the image of the one M9 has no yellow and blue, that the subject appears to be sharper than the portrait taken with the back camera. The FaceTime camera of the iPhone has the narrowest angle and so your face is large in scene, but is less for groups Selfies and has a yellow tinge. The Selfies of Galaxy S6 has a color most naturally, has a similar focal length as the M9. All three are the sharpness level, where each little soft drawn I.

The Sun Shines Not Always From The Right Direction

Even if it’s light, the light conditions are not always ideal. The sun shine in the camera, the lens makes work difficult the sensors.

The three cameras handle that very differently, with the compromise of the iPhone 6 between the bright sky containers standing in the shadow of like me best. At the Galaxy S6 are more lightened dark area, it burns out the sky. The camera of one M9 manages only to illuminate an area, where you can define the reference point for the exposure and focus with a click on the display.

Little Things Big

Even small things to big used in scene. We have taken the shots with the camera’s automatic settings and not an existing macro mode activated manually – but also does not prevent the Smartphone to turn these yourself.

During the day, all three Smartphone cameras make it to deliver a detailed close-up, which remain when the scanned water clock even without clear color casts. But here, too, the recordings of one M9 are not as sharp as the images of the Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6.

Panorama Is Not Equal To Panorama

Already interesting, Smarpthone manufacturers under a panoramic understand what. While you can depict only a range of 180 degrees at HTC, Samsung allows complete recordings with over 360 degrees.

That smartphones put together a panoramic picture from many individual recordings, is no secret, and when all three test devices especially on the railing of the Altona balcony. The remaining parts are, however, almost flawlessly put together. During the exposure, especially the processing of the Sun there are significant differences, however, to recognize. Especially the one M9 has problems with the “passing” light source. His panorama is also “diesiger” as the other shots.

Food Porn

But admit it, I can play so many different shooting situations, at the end you want to photograph your food but only! That’s why there’s something delicious – now concluded for all food porn trailer naturally again each through the lens of Galaxy S6, the one M9 and the iPhone 6.

Galaxy S6, One M9 & iPhone 6 In The Great Camera Comparison-2

Also here, it is clear that the Galaxy S6 automatically vigorously reworked his photos. The image appears while sharp and the colors radiate strongly, but with a realistic and natural reproduction that has little in common from a photographer’s perspective. Since the photos of one M9 and the iPhone 6 represent the reality sooner.

Who Has The Best Camera For Now?

This question after the Smartphones with the best camera can not answer with a simple statement. Is but in any case, that anyone who wants to make lots of photos with his Smartphone should make a large curve around the one M9 from HTC. Its recordings behind Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6 remain even in daylight.

High on a level where they master the various tasks in detail different good move the Galaxy S6 and the iPhone 6. Samsung’s Smartphone heavily edited the pictures and ensures that their colors shine intensely, the details are sharp and is almost no noise even in low light. For snapshots, which you quickly share the ideal Smartphone with one of the best cameras – camera software wants so.

For photographers with a passion for natural-looking images, the images of the S6, however, are a horror. Because the Galaxy has been significantly edited his paintings, they are also restricted for a subsequent edit by the user. The iPhone 6 delivers the better, say more realistic, raw data here and can compete only with Flash in total darkness with the S6, scores for this lens – and some night shot.