Furniture for The Bath From Terra

The furniture for the bathroom floor I constitute a category of furniture among the most traditional. When you log into any bathroom you would expect to come across in the first toilet and immediately after in a comfortable cabinet in which are stored linens and various products.

The floor cabinet dominated unchallenged the scene for a long time. This unique and indispensable model in the classical bathroom. Made of solid wood, featuring decorations and inlays, robust and capacious, the cabinet from the ground is the only support for storing everything you need in a bathroom in traditional style.

It is the modern design to support this cabinet with other pieces of furniture, such as cupboards, cabinets…, but despite this explosion of elements for the furnishing of the bathroom, the cabinet from the ground is never completely shelved, due to its indisputable utility.

The current market offers, therefore, models adaptable to various styles , all offering different types of wood, different finishes, different color component, but united by an extreme functionality. You talk about some of those most successful.

Fine, elegant, featuring a timeless appeal, the Cabinet-undersink Ante in Aquamarin® Glass.

It is a cabinet from the floor made ​​of beech wood light in color, covered with MDF, durable, waterproof and easy to clean. Her measurements are around 40 cm wide, 56 cm high, 30 cm deep. Its load capacity settles to 30 kg.

Its peculiarity: two doors in frosted glass, decorated with geometric shapes and come with two chrome metal handles, really elegant. An extremely delicate from the cabinet and prepared in every detail.

Adaptable much on the style of classic and modern furniture. Great price.

Much more traditional in design, undersink cabinet with shelves and Antina Open, once again Aquamarin®.

It is a short cabinet in well-structured wood. It equipped with front one door giving access to a large storage compartment, and three open side shelves, useful for the exposure of the most prestigious products.

A solution really compact with its 60 cm wide, 51 cm high and 31 cm deep. Available in three colors: white, beech and black.

A cabinet that has its strength in its extreme practicality. A perfect model for service bathrooms and laundries. Excellent quality / price ratio.

Much more modern, characterized by a strong image that makes it a main element of the master bathroom, the Nice Model 5418-89, the Posseik GmbH.

It is a cabinet from the ground to be placed under the sink bath, realized in MDF of extremely high quality; doors with tempered glass, satin and adorned with geometric patterns; with drawers and fronts in lacquered super-colorful: a dark lilac truly captivating.

An original cabinet, innovative and at the same time very functional, with its many sections: 4 drawers and 4 compartments behind doors. It is based on four casters in white plastic which facilitate the movement for cleaning operations.

A truly invaluable model in any bathroom with modern decor. The ideal furniture for lovers of strong colors and a design that makes the difference.