Founder of Instagram: “We Do Not Want to Sell Your Photos”

A few moments the co-founder of Instagram, Kevin Systrom, published a note in which he speaks on various aspects criticized in terms of service to come into force next month. Systrom was categorical in saying that the photo service will not sell user photos, nor use it to promote advertising campaigns for other companies.

“We have no plans for anything like this [advertising with pictures of users] and so we’ll remove the section that raised such questions.” According to the executive, the main intention of Instagram is to avoid banners with which the internet He ended up getting used. He wants to create effective ways to discover new and good content.

To better explain the most challenging point of the terms of service, Systrom explains that Instagram provides a future in which brands and people can promote (commercially, as I understand it) accounts in service to extend the engagement and the number of followers.

In the example designed by the executive, in common friends who follow a brand could come up with some emphasis on trying to convince that the netizen also follow. The profile picture and actions as the act of following such brand help in this work of conviction for obvious reasons. We rely more on advertising when it is somehow grounded by someone we are close. Unlike the Mass Media advocates – communication same for everyone and volume. It is in the spirit of the internet act in the opposite direction.

“It’s not true and it is our mistake that language is confusing. To be clear: it is not our intention to sell the photos.”  Systrom promises that Instagram is working to update the terms of service to make it more palatable and understandable to users.

Instagram has become a property of Facebook after Mark Zuckerberg announced the deal valued at $ 1 billion. Perhaps the connection with the social network most used in the world has served to trigger for all the confusion surrounding the terms of upgraded service. Many people suspect the good boy Zuck.

Done deal? I bet not. It remains to be seen how will the drafting of documents after the promised changes are made. Not to mention that although some people try to minimize the issue, we are dealing with privacy on the network and processing of user data in merchandise. That is, something much bigger than like or dislike Facebook.