Floating Home Design Ideas

The professionalism and good results open new opportunities for designers. Excellent solutions in the field of interior design of homes and buildings helps them take on interesting new challenge, namely to create a unique floating interior.

We will introduce you to the new luxury vision of the British “wall clocks”. Floating house is divided into several distinct segments: the main hall, dining room, cabin and bathroom. Each of the rooms is tastefully decorated and comfortably arranged.

The main salon is slightly transformed. Because of its good initial vision the owners have requested minor adjustments and preservation of the old interior. This requires designers to add fresh ideas and to balance the overall look. To the already existing mahogany veneer added nice ebony accents. The floor is transformed with parquet solid wenge and the ceiling is lined in elegant pearl white leather. The fabric of the “Hermes” is preferred in furnishing this part of the boat. Special sofa of “Smania” is part of the main hall and the living room table, velvet armchairs and desktop lamp shades complement the charm in space.

Ebony skin and are a major component in the choice of furniture for the dining room. White chairs stand elegantly and stylishly amid massive table with multi-layer coating. The decision to all padded handles and fittings in the room further adds to the luxury look.

Built-in LED lighting on the ceiling is in line with non-traditional forms of felestrinite. Light of the boat is visible and top priority.

The cabins are traditional retreat. Here they are comfortable and beautiful layout. A particular challenge for designers proved the master cabin. The renovation required to change as a common vision and to achieve maximum comfort. Established console system dashboard that allows control of the whole electricity in the cabin. Headboard is in line with novooblechenite handles in the room. Doors made of ebony furniture and hull structures are elegant new feature in space.

The bathroom is one of the finest areas of the boat and a major segment in this luxurious floating interior. In confirmation of our words are incredible marble “Calacatta”, as well as mosaic “Bisazza” on the walls. White, mahogany and black are stylish choice of color tone, like the entire area of ​​the yacht.

Elegance, beauty and practicality are the main objectives that guided the designers of Bulgarian interior design company in the implementation of this project. The successful design approach and professionalism have not gone unnoticed. Enjoy them and you!