Flashgap: Photo-Sharing Against Film Cracks As In Hangover

“Oh, no! Not yet an app to share photos,”was my first thought when I heard about Flashgap. But the idea behind the application is really charming – even if it is inspired by the blockbuster “Hangover”, which is not exactly my favorite films.

Flashgap Photo-Sharing Against Film Cracks As In Hangover

With Flashgap, you create a photo album for an event such as a party, a wedding or a weekend away with friends, and invite other users to share your photos there. The recordings are only visible to all invitees, from 12: 00 of the next day. The makers of the app want to with her not only alcohol-related memory gaps, but make sure that all participants get to see the important moments of an event – which is not always possible in real life. “Young people and students” are the main target group of the app and less a complete wedding party, a company employee at the Christmas party or a business conference.

The idea of Flashgap is based on hangover, as told in conversation with TechChrunch co-founder and CEO Julian Kabab. If you have not seen the movie: it’s about four friends who try to find out what happened last night in Las Vegas. The spark for the app is the trailer of the film, in which viewers get to see the photos from last night and so know what Doug, Phil, Stu and Alan have really experienced.

The integrated group chat function from Flashgap who has the need after the publication of the pictures on the next lunch to explain certain things or to apologise, can make – or should search in particularly serious cases may do better than the direct way to other people.

Flashgap is available only for iOS, Android version is still in the beta phase in the test.

Flashgap Photo-Sharing Against Film Cracks As In Hangover