First Aid Kit

Who goes camping and do outdoor activities is always prone to small (or serious) accidents, which can be a problem when you’re away from a hospital or urban centre. With this article, we want to help the wanderers to assemble a first aid kit, with basic items that we must always have in our bag. Are small, simple and lightweight, but that, in time of emergency, can save a life.
In most accidents, the first 10 minutes are fundamental to the victim. Therefore, having an appropriate material and knowing how to perform a correct basic care can make all the difference in an emergency situation.
You will need a location to place the kit. Can be a kit specifically for this like those shown below. But it can also be a makeup bag, a plastic bag or even a small box. The important thing is to have a place where the medicines stay United and protected.
-6 pairs gloves-for your own safety, always use it for performing a procedure, because it is a personal protective equipment (PPE);
-gauze packs 5 average with 10 units each – for asepsis (cleaning) of the affected area and to use in dressings;
-2 large gauze packs, with each unit 1 – for use in bleeding controls and dressings for wounds of great extension;
-4 bandages – for immobilization of fractures or to cover the injuries;
-1 pair of scissors without tip-to assist in the cutting of splints, ribbons and clothes, if necessary;
-1-thermometer for temperature control;
-1 small Lantern for night calls support;
-1 box of band-AIDS – preferably a box that has the product in various sizes and shapes, to cover different injuries;
-1 roll of tape-to hold the bandages or other things;
-1 roll of micropore-to hold the bandages;
-1 thermal blanket – for thermal control in cases of falling temperature;
-1 tube of 250 ml saline – for the asepsis of injuries (if weight and volume is not a problem, the ideal is to take 2 tubes);
-1 pair of tweezers – for removal of splinters, thorns or foreign objects;
-6 cotton swabs-for asepsis of minor injuries.

An important note in camping and outdoor actovity: the medicines are of own use and, in theory, can only be used by others under medical advice, because only a professional could indicate the right medicine for each patient.But it’s always nice to have medicines in General – without black or red stripe – which may be needed if someone does not have.Just be aware that if the remedy der reactions in the person who ingested, who provided the medication is to be blamed.