Fing’rs Nail Sticker

You want to always have manicured nails? A solution are the new glazes 3D stickers Stick & Go of Fing’rs.

Fing’rs is always looking for solutions for manicure incredible and unique, while fully respecting the tastes of all, by those who appreciate the more sober nails, to those who want to dare with nail art very special.

The new enamels Stick & Go adhesives differ from the previous ones, as well as for the fantasies, also for the flexibility, for the duration (resist almost a week) and the ease of removal.

With enamels stickers are deleted waiting times and drying enamel, and at the same time you can show off the original nail art! With adhesive enamels Fing’rs Stick & Go can have nails ready for any event in a few time: just apply the stickers, remove the excess and within minutes have a manicure that will make the envy of friends!

Adhesives glazes can be applied without problems on both natural nails and on the artificial.

The new glazes of adhesives Fing’rs come in two

variants: Feather and Flower, each represented by four trendy patterns and intriguing.

If you are extroverted and imaginative you can create your own manicure, joining the Stick & Go sticker to your favorite nail polish and create unique combinations and inimitable!

Let’s see the new stickers Stick & Go of Fing’rs:

– Adhesives line Feather Design available at price Euro 3,40;

– The stickers of the collection Flower Design which you can find at a cost of 3.40 Euro. The stickers enamels.

Stick to Finbg’rs & Go will be available in the best perfumeries and cosmetic departments.