Feedly Done His Version Payment Pro

On the occasion of the closing of Google Reader many services have emerged to try and stay with at the huge user base which had the service of Google. Some have come to die of success for a reputation that have failed to control, but others have managed to stay firm and continue with nexito, as it is the case of Feedle, who plans to also expand.

With a simple banner on the web version of the feedls reader, Feedly announces a premium service subscription. Point we will give us certain advantages with various new functions, as a search among our items, pass a post immediately to Evernote or power loguearnos from https for increased security and privacy.

Those are mainly the advantages that they can offer now, in addition to ensuring that there will be new ones to be announced. All these advantages will also be in laa application for Android, which is a good additive. At the moment want to offer a monthly subscription at a price of five dollars a month, but they have opened bidding for a lifetime service.

This offer is 99 dollars in a one-time payment that will give us a premium subscription lifetime way, which in less than two years already would have been amortized. This offer is only limited to the first 5,000 people who decide to do with it, so if you are interested, better that you go giving you hurry, thus can be finished at any time.