Fatigue and Exhaustion in Pregnancy

The largest truck for an expectant mother are fatigue and exhaustion.

In the first few months, it is not uncommon to feel an irrepressible need for sleep and this is perfectly normal!

Firstly, because the female body has to cope with a large transition during the entire pregnancy.

And secondly, because the progesterone levels start rising rapidly especially at the beginning of the pregnancy. And progesterone – the famous pregnancy hormone – has a strong soporific effect.

Our tips: So you stay fit and energetic!

-Avoid strain. Sleep at least 8 hours per night.

-Extending your breaks and makes a NAP if possible at the weekend.

-Take the budget not as important and leave the work to strenuous with maternity denim trousers.

-Against energy holes help especially the right eating habits. In plain language this means: skip any meals and remains never longer than 4-6 hours without food supply, not in addition to exhausting your body.

-Get healthy and highly digestible products to you, especially for dinner.

-Ensures an adequate food supply: The body a pregnant woman has more to do (the calorie consumption increases by 25%).

At the beginning of pregnancy you will need 2800 calories on average 2500 calories per day, from the 6th month. Watch a varied diet (proteins, carbohydrates and FAT), to prevent deficiency symptoms.

-Limit your weight gain. If you hardly can move away, you will inevitably still tired!

Sleep disorders during pregnancy
Normal pregnancy symptoms include sleep problems. Pregnant women Women feel the need to sleep during the day more often and can do to a wink at night often.

It is not clear whether the reasons are hormonaler or psychological nature. Especially in a first pregnancy, nightmares often occur.

These symptoms do not mean that your pregnancy is complicated or is perceived as leidig: just your entirely legitimate fears and anxieties are revealed in this way.

Caution: When can the sleepless nights accumulating and her during the day not get to sleep, you should consult your doctor.

You need a high level of energy to positive experience your pregnancy and to feed your baby correctly. If you’re too tired, you can drag a sick leave into consideration together with your doctor.

Despite fatigue and exhaustion: A pregnancy is and remains a wonder. Here you can view a pregnancy ultrasound pictures!