Fast Fashion: Shoes and Bags

The demand by finds of this week was a little different. Instead of looking for beautiful clothes and a nice price, focused all attention on handbags and shoes, because  with the end of the season to discount these accessories can be found at a good price, right?
Found by Renner Boulevard Mall here in BH, several scholarship options with a price that ranged from R$29,90 to the small bag in pastel colors and R$129,00 for the mustard in color and model in pink with orange details. I don’t know if it is constant, but searched for shoes there and nothing delighted me. This also happens with you in the shoes of the Renner?

The C & A, which was kind of fallen in recent times that I went by, macaws and restocked even not looking for clothes I saw some pieces at a glance that left me curious. Already in the shoes and bags I’ve seen quite a lot with a veeery precinho buddy at baglib. This  ballerina style shoe is cute and has in all possible colours and unimaginable, for mere R$29,90.Other shoe cute, but a little more affection, is this version of the models of Vans, with pattern of whiskers(I love that mustache mania!) the Converse which costs R$129. Now, a pause for this scholarship with Tiger print! How I love this model! She is canvas with the handles in “leather” and the pattern is very well applied, by R$69,90. For those who are returning to school this week, there’s a different backpack model  than we typically find around, with snake print(is that even a snake print??) for $89.90.

Now  Zara, my people, deserved a post of her own. How is end of promotion, I found so much cheap and beautiful that I had to hold it with all my strength not to open the wallet(which of course didn’t work). Starting with the shoes, this model in mint color super different(kind of Louis Vuitton feelings, eh?) for R$89,00. For those who like this sandal thin fashion, found some models in Zara, but the most beautiful was that with copper strips, by R$79,00.The black pumps won look more modern with the slightly transparent detail and R$99,00.The model that got my attention is that all black, which is great big leaves for only R$99,00.

When I started looking for by today’s findings, most of the stores I was just in the section of shoes and bags, but walking through Zara found  4 accessories that made my heart stop and very soon I thought I’d use them at the Carnival! The first of these was a fascinator(those kind of hat with a veil that covers the face) that amazingly, cost R$99,00 and paid only R$15,00. I think that kind of super cute hat, and it was just something that was looking for one of my fantasies to the next week. The other three were accessories these flowers, which has the alfinetinho to be used as a brooch and clip also for use on the hair. Each one came out for R$9,00 and the original value of each era R$49,00! Better impossible, right?

PS da Lu: The last name is the same and the picture is similar, but whoever wrote this post was Julia, my sister! Who is observant have noticed that she is collaborator of the blog. Julia talks about fast fashion, good music and what else you want! Are you enjoying the posts?