Fashionista For Less: A Guide For You To Stay Fashionable Shopping In Thrift Stores, Sale Or Renting

Year of crisis is a time to reinvent yourself. Fashion now among fashionistas is to review concepts and pay less for better quality. Rent a dress to be maid of honor, for example, is an alternative for those who are on tight budgets, but not only that. Turned the option taken off who want a unique piece to reach out of your pocket. Pan also used clothing has never been so cool: before considered strongholds of antique pieces and out of fashion, the thrift stores have gained strength by bringing together selected items and designer clothing at the most affordable prices. The wave of buying smart, also taking advantage of the Valley settlements with more discretion. The requested is to, rather than fill the bag with five fast fashion tops, invest in key items as a quality shirt.

– We want to follow consuming, and clothing is the object easier to buy – says the psychologist Helena Soares, that is based on your master’s thesis on experience accumulated at the flea market, a bazaar designed for her in that you don’t need money to get out with brand-new parts.

Initiatives like this, inviting to reflect more time to go shopping. Before checking out the Windows, is making a tour of my own closet and understand how your personal collection are working for the day to day, and only then decide if you need to bring new parts – and what they might be. After the scrub, how about putting that dress that didn’t come out of the closet last year and exchange it for a nice clothes of someone else? It is precisely this exercise that the double Bruna Holderbaum and Milena in your Closet project proposes Faé Detox, personal style consultancy with a focus on conscious consumption.

– The economic crisis is a factor that makes people look for our business, but the conversation goes beyond – explains Bruna. -We talked about the consequences of buying a lot. Our goal is to get people to rediscover what you already have in your closet and only then choose purchasing – says.

Fashionista For Less

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Traffic People dress, 149 R$ no Me Gusta thrift store (market value of R $232); Prada clutch Nylon Pink rental, R$ 190 per week in Bo Bags (market value of R $940); 95 in R$ Schutz, pumps Vintage Boutique thrift store (market value of R $340); earrings and jeans collection.

Bailey Blue dress, 300 R$ no Me Gusta thrift store (market value $550); Arezzo, R$ 95 shoe in the Vintage Clothing boutique thrift store (market value of R $279); imported sunglasses, of the 145 R$ R$ 348 in the Vintage Clothing boutique thrift store; earrings and scarf collection.

Lemoncola dress, rent R$ 225 on the hanger Chic (market value $990); Chanel clutch, rent the 380 R$ (R$ market value of 8.5 thousand); Legaspi, R$ 150 sandal in the Vintage Clothing boutique thrift store (market value of 450 R$) and scarf collection.

After analyzing such issues as personal style, routine and, of course, what has already, girls encourage client to get rid of what doesn’t work more to that closet. That’s when comes into play the concept of detachment: what for the closet a it doesn’t matter, for another may be the news. The best? Spending little (and in some cases nothing) and without feeling that you are taking home something without value, as remember Milena.

-People are finally losing the prejudice with joke and thrift stores-complete Bruna.

Still not convinced? In addition to an editorial full of inspirations, Donna selected the best addresses (physical and online) for you haggle and discover fashion treasures that will leave you in fashion without blowing the budget. We prepare also a guide to who will venture into settlements doesn’t get lost between discounts and bring to the closet just simple items.


For You To Inspire

In the fashion editorial that illustrates this story (all links are just above), you will find examples of cool parts of thrift shops and rental of clothes and accessories, with their prices and the market value.

Note: prices shown refer to the purchase. When it is, warned in the legend.


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