Fashionista For Less: 8 Thrift Shops And Bazaars To Meet In Porto Alegre

If you have an issue that divides friends at a bar table is to buy in thrift store. Some say that does not feel right wearing parts used or never find anything cool in araras chock-a-block. But every day there are more people joining the team who look like true relic a designer dress bought by a much lower value than the original. And that, on top of that, you get almost exclusive character for not being more available in quantity at a great magazine. Sebrae data show that, from 2007 to 2012, the retail trade of used items grew 210%. When it comes specifically from thrift stores, the increase was of 5% in just 45 days between the end of March and may 2015 – content that, in the same period of the previous year had been of 0.7%. And what this is?

– A slow awakening of everyone. The market for thrift stores has improved a lot. The owners have standardized hooks, organized by parts numbering and kept clean. The public, for your time, have also increased, including diversifying the type of person who frequents. They do not necessarily have changed their paradigms, but have been more willing to experiment. The main reason is the economy – explains psychologist Helena Soares.

Fashionista For Less

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Re: named set, rent R$ 380 on The Perfect Dress (market value $800); WOC Lambskin Chanel bag, rent R$ 380 a week in Bo Bags (market value R$ 4.5 thousand); earring Iorane, rent the 35 R$ on The Perfect Dress (market value $70); Legaspi, R$ 150 sandal in the Vintage Clothing boutique thrift store (market value $450).

Nicole Miller dress, rent to 750 R$ in Hello Dress (4,645 R$ market value); bag, rent the 90 R$ per week in The Perfect Dress (market value $200); Dumond, 105 R$ pumps in Vintage Boutique thrift store (market value of R $229); earring Nadia Gimenez, rent the 80 R$ on The Perfect Dress (market value $375).

Gloria Coelho, R$ dress in Vintage Boutique 1,658 thrift store; purse R$ Vintage 220, Delicate Boutique thrift store (market value $350); shoe Bershka, R$ 139 in the Vintage Clothing boutique thrift store (market value of R $229); earring Nadia Gimenez, rent the 80 R$ in Hello Dress (market value of R $323).

After making your final project analyzing the fashion market, Helena has initiated a project that has lasted seven years in Porto Alegre, the thrift store. In the meetings that bring together, on average, 12 people, each participant takes pieces of which is willing to let go. Before the exchange-swap, mediated by a psychologist, each one is invited to talk about the items brought.

-Is a deceleration process of consumption. You spend 2 hours in there to maybe trade something. Works as an interaction beyond the image and ease of consumption – analyzes Helena.

Another project in the same vein in Porto Alegre is the Brick of Desapegos. Captained by Natalia Guasso and Sara Cadore Light, the initiative was born in 2009 and is a blend of Bazaar trade with thrift store. It all started as a meeting among friends into a monthly event at the Bar West, in the heart of the Good End, complete with extra editions throughout the city, involving more than 80 exhibitors.

-Are people linked in sustainability, who enjoy vintage pieces and can’t handle more shopping and this consumer template, where everybody just thinking about beating goal in stores. Sometimes, we have music, drinks, food, and people make contact. There are people you spend hours there-Natalia account. -The majority of the public is of women, of their 20 to 45 years. Seek since parts for the day to day clothes for ballad and party dresses. Rolls always a camp – explains the publicist.

It is precisely this character of uniqueness that attracted Rose Colombo, also frequents thrift store. History Professor, likes to play that feels almost like an archaeologist in the midst of the macaws.

-It’s almost like an archaeological site where you are faced with the coolest pieces-Bill Rose. – In Europe and in the United States, people are going straight to thrift stores. Why there is legal and not here? Demi Moore, for example, I’ve used thrift store dress on the red carpet.

Forever 21 blouse, 95 R$ (market value $149); leave Ran Fashion, 119 R$ (market value $349); shoe Arezzo, 95 R$ (market value $279); imported sunglasses, 85 R$ (market value $150); all of the Vintage Boutique thrift store. Rent of Chanel bag X R$ 380 a week in Bo Bags (market value $5,000); earrings and belt collection.

Dress Cris Barros, 459 R$ (market value $789); Teakstore bracelets,

45 R$ (market value $80); Donna Karan purse, 250 R$ (market value $600); pumps Schutz, R$ 95 (market value R$ 340) and imported sunglasses, 85 R$ (market value $200); all Vintage Boutique parts Jumble.

Talie NK shirt, 249 R$ (1,890 R$ market value); Juliana Jammariu, short R$ 149 (market value $819); imported sunglasses, 289 R$ (market value $389); earrings ($ 50); all of the Vintage Boutique thrift store. WOC Lambskin Chanel bag (rent the 450 R$ per week in the Bo Bags (market value of $6 000); Michael Kors sandal, 150 R$ no Me Gusta thrift store (market value R$ 350)

Thrift Store Of An Exchange

Why go: the draft goes beyond practice detachment and get a new home. The best? You know different people and still renew the closet without taking the credit card of the stock exchange.

When: the event is held both in parallel to other bazaars of the city (such as the Brick of Desapegos) as well as in their own editions published for the social networks. You can also enter the Goodwill Group on Facebook (to find, just search for “thrift store of Exchange”) and register your email.

Where: locations vary at each edition.

Find out more: (51) 9336-6844 or

Brick Of Desapegos

Why go: in addition to find cool parts at lower prices, the Brick also works as a ballad fashion. There’s music, little drink and roll in one of the most traditional and statutory bars of Porto Alegre, the West.

When: every third Sunday of the month. There is also itinerant editions, with dates and locations previously disseminated by social networks.

Find out more:

Our Lady Of Marvels

For those seeking: cool parts and more for the day, plus shoes and handbags from brands.

Where: 24 October Street, 435, Champs-Élysées Gallery, shop 11.

What you find: the collection includes both shorts jeans as dresses and skirts that go to work happy hour, plus shoes and bags.

$: Calvin Klein bag to 150 R$, Le Lis Blanc the gown R$ 49, the 50 R$ Animale shoe.

Find out more: (51) 3084-3089 or

Me Gusta Thrift Store

For those who do not give up: designer pieces. There, you find the fast fashion H&M items to brands such as Stella McCartney, Louis Vuitton and Chanel, to national brands like Le Lis Blanc, Animale and Reinaldo Lourenço.

Where: Bear Brook, 30 Street, Neighborhood windmills.

What you find: designer handbags, accessories such as glasses, shoes and dresses ranging from day to day the party.

$: Michael Kors sandal to 240 R$, Victor Hugo the R$ 150 and Tom Ford glasses to 240 R$.

Find out more: (51) 3573-4500 or

Home Of The Moth

For those who like alternative and retro fashion.

Where: Independence Avenue, 450.

What you find: jewelry, hats, dressed in boho footprint, skirts with vintage face, music-related items. There is also room for new designers.

$: summer dress R$ 68,

Paste the R$ 38.

Find out more: (51) 3062-9395 or

Maria Without Shame

For those seeking affordable and classic pieces that work for tours and work.

Where: AV. Osvaldo Aranha, 870, Great Neighborhood.

What you find: dresses for the day to day, shirts, belts, shirts and slacks, accessories and purses to party. Also offers rentals.

$: from R $20, r $16 shoe, and blazer to r $25.

Find out more: (51) 3302-3013 or

Vintage Boutique Thrift Store

For those who want to spice up the closet with designer labels. Offers good options of dress and accessories to the party, as purse, shoes and jewelry.

Where: 24 October Street, 591 Store 101-B, windmills.

What you find: Chanel necklaces, Prada sandals and Luiza Barcelos, handbag Michael Kors dresses Cris Barros and Le Lis Blanc etc.

$: R$ Prada sandal, Chanel necklace to 199 R$ 299.

Find out more: (51) 3307-2190 or


Why access: one of the best-known sites of detachment of Brazil, the Sick brings together people of all styles-and sizes. Visual pleases also: the photos are, in your most, well produced and the site has a fun language.

What you find: in addition to pieces of cool brands at lower prices, there are also items home, electronics, books, makeup, CDs and more. Cool people like the blogger Julia Petit lives letting go by there.

Also offers: an application to browse and buy by phone. And you can also create your own shop to sell your desapegos.

Find out more: and