Fashion Trends Summer Fluorine

The sets fluoride reappears with everything in this summer 2010 after a long hibernation. The colors super vibrant and fluorine are in almost everything this summer, they make the accessories, shoes, bikinis, clothes, Nail Polish and makeup a luxury of color.

The fluoride fashion trend for summer 2010 promise to brighten and lighten your look via Fluor colours if combined with like the nude tones, black and white, are more interesting still uses them. Get ready to run into mega colors showy the beaches or at the Club this summer and even in some fluor accessory Ballad be it in make or a simple bracelet color will be vibrant and relaxed there.

Learn how to use fluoride parts

Black, white and nude clothes become more happy when they win a touch of fluorine in accessories or shoes. They can be used mainly at night to give a touch more elegant look.

Invest in skirts, short dresses or long with these vibrant fabrics, they are a charm with heels of neutral color.
Any women can and should use the colors fluorine, just pick the color that most suits your skin tone.

Blond and fair-skinned women-you can bet on color pink-magenta and royal blue.

Brunette and black–must opt for citrus colors like yellow, Orange and green.

Bet on fluorine colours this summer, whether on clothing in simple accessory or on the make in choosing the shade but… lighten up and work on creativity!