Fashion Trend For Winter

Strong trend this winter, the pantyhose come back with all this season. And appear in the most unusual and different models. Ideas for all styles of looks, of the most sophisticated to the most fashions. Powerful accessory, the pantyhose gives, in seconds, a much more glamorous and feminine air productions.

The trend of tights started to emerge again in the fashion world, with your return to international catwalks in 20015 and 2016, where, her here, won models and colors increasingly differentiated.

And all the pantyhose models stand out this winter, from basiquinhos to 2017 more worked, in colors, sizes and patterns differentiated: pied-de-poule, patchwork, cashmere, lame, matelasse, Dragnet, opaque, Plaid, stripes, zebra, Poá, lace, 3/4, 5/8, 7/8, with brightnes, designs, laçinhos, stars, among many others.

The color palette appears well varied, going from dark wintry shades classic, such as black, purple, olive green, gray, and wine until the most vibrant and unusual colors such as orange, blue, red and even white.
The thickness of tights can also be used and adapted according to the occasion and time of day if you use during the day, the tip is to opt for socks in color lighter and finer yarns at, for the night and the temperature lower , models with thick wires are ideal.

To use the colored pantyhose, with a lot of style and the right way, you need to be aware of some tips. Prefer to use the colorful pantyhose with monochrome parts at the top, because if you mix too many colors in one outfit, may end up weighing on the visual. For the little ones, the tip is to try to use dark colors, because with the feeling of stretching from the bottom.

If you are a little overweight, avoid the income, with prints, poá castings, that add more volume the body. The goofy socks and with details such as chess, with animal prints, etc, are beautiful, but dangerous. The tip is to wear neutral clothing, it will highlight the tights, and let your look balanced, without exaggeration. If you’re skinny and you want to disguise thin legs, can abuse the colored stockings, with details, which give the feeling of thicker legs, but if you have skinny legs avoid dark colors and black, as they fine-tune their legs.