Fashion Trend Barometer 2014: New Dresses, Tops, Skirts and Trousers

Or: What trends fit into your base coat?

“Fashion is ephemeral style remains,” is a well-known quote by Coco Chanel. I find good style consists of a balanced mix of timeless basics and trendy, individual, wisely selected highlights. As you know, I’m not a big fan of fast, fleeting fads. More importantly, I find that your clothing fits quite individual lifestyle to your Figure type, your personality and your. However, properly dosed trend parts well are suitable to give a contemporary look to an outfit from classic basics . The problem is: in every season there are so many new fashion trends and supposed “must-haves”, it’s pretty hard to keep track and decide what really fits in your basic wardrobe.

Therefore I have put together 2014 the fashion trend barometer for you. In it, I take the main cuts, silhouettes, fabrics, colors and patterns of next spring summer fashion under the microscope: What fashion trends are beneficial for whom? The trend has the potential to survive a season beyond in your closet? And what should better leave the finger? In this and the next posts I will go these issues on the ground – as always from my own personal perspective of a grown woman without model figure. Thus a decision aid you, at what fashion trends, you can access and let that completely relaxes itself pass.

Part 1: New dresses, skirts, trousers and tops of the season

Communicate quickly and clearly to my personal opinion, I use the famous arrow icons when evaluating:

  • Arrow key up = this trend could be also in your wardrobe last longer.
  • Arrow key right = this trend is sustainable only for specific characters or types of style.
  • Arrow key down = this trend is quickly forgotten or be easily portable.

The slip dress:

The slip dress is a mostly diagonally cut in the fabric, plain, slightly waisted dress with spaghetti straps, which looks like a petticoat from the 50s. It will be offered this season in flowing silk or transparent fabrics and often worn in combination with a pair of trousers. My opinion: The slip dress should have stayed the best dress. You can wear it with perfect body. Because in every pads is mercilessly. And the spaghetti straps reveal more than should be dear to many women in the more mature age.

The long oversize Blazer:

Back more and more to see on the catwalks were long cut – often twin – oversized Blazer. The breasted can be enjoyed with caution. Depending on the arrangement of the buttons and their horizontal distance from one another, they emphasize the width or length of the upper body. In most cases, more richly built women with single-row Blazers are much better advised. Very slim women who want to give their upper body more structure and substance, but access.

As always: Beware of very spacious cut models, since these look really good only in leaner, larger women! However, oversize Blazer Mr style for H character types can be a welcome piece of clothing if they want to implement an androgynous style . And large women are likely to enjoy that again there’s Blazer for her, the hem length is.

The bomber jacket:

Originally the rib at the bottom hem of this jacket as described in woman clothing is derived from the clothing of pilots, the sign for a Blouson. And thus we are also talking about the problem: actually straight cut jacket will be gathered through the elastic cuff hem and so hyped that women between the chest and hem to the small balloon males quickly mutate. In the best case, a bomber jacket does nothing for your figure. In the worst-case scenario, he adds a few pounds.

There is however one exception: the H figure guy wearing the jacket to create a waist visually by the increase in volume of the chest and narrow waist rib. You should however always be slim if you want to wear a jacket.

Statement tops:

Sweater, sweatshirt or T-Shirt – flashy slogans on the chest fashionable set the tone. But let’s face it: adult women have to wear their mental attitude, really on the chest before him? Apart from this kind of talk have also their expiry date. The AHA effect of the first Mals is gone pretty quick…

Crop tops – free belly tops:

Granted, the new free belly tops are more discreet than their predecessors, which widely uncovered the belly button. Today, you are cut off-looking tops with waist-high skirts and pants worn and show only a small camera from the lower chest. But must do that is really a grown woman? I can’t – find pre-programmed Bacon rolls-alert!

The “boxy jacket” – the box jacket with überweiten sleeves:

The season brings a new silhouette of the jackets, the so called “boxy” form. These are a quite spacious and just cut jacket, which is striking in this spring and summer in addition by their very wide or concave-shaped sleeves. So, either a trapezoid or a silhouette of egg, – caution is to the upper body! -often ends up in the waist-hip region.

Also the “boxy jackets” to slim women look particularly well like in the most überweiten garments. However, the new jacket can spice up a simple layered look. Because worn over a longer top, they produce a very contemporary look. It is questionable how long the silhouette with the extreme forms of sleeve will hold. A less eccentric cut version of the straight short Jaeckchens has the chance of a long friendship with you if you often wear a layered look, with the outermost layer is rather short and you need with no waist in silhouette. It is difficult!

The blouse and its variants:

The blouse – specifically the classic white shirt – is an evergreen. But she was shown so often and in such diverse, rare contemporary variations, like in the fashion for this season. Tunic style, modern purism, in oversize or refined blouses dress – shirt blouse moves fashion forward. Because every woman has the chance to find their very own blouses-classic. If you are missing so a properly stylish blouse, a very special dress or your Favorite casual shirt to hang out, you should be in this hunting season!

The pencil skirt:

Yes, you read that right – the pencil skirt comes out great in the summer. While his hem is cut but slightly longer in the so-called Italian length and thus covering the knee to mid-calf almost. Also wins the fashion classic material and colour at ease, combines casual and sporty, and therefore no longer has a lot with his strict, Office-grade colleagues together. Hello Rock-Ladies! Now’s your chance to replenish your supply of this classic! You have my blessing.

The blouse is one of the great fashion themes of the season and is here as a staged eccentric blouses dress with cut-outs at the shoulders.

The wide, longer skirt:

Many skirts take back ample width and length in the coming season. I am talking about knee-covering, calf-length until going to MIDI hemming, swinging wide. Often, additional Valances are in attached at the hem. However: For such long, voluminous skirts you need a sufficient body size first, secondly a narrow waist and thirdly not too wide hip Po-region.

You are figured among the women who can attract such skirts, you should also bring courage to the break in style. For the feminine skirts on the catwalks were often combined with flat shoes Mr style or sport sandals – and it’s called then “edgy”, that means as much as “with corners and edges”. Regardless of the calf-length, wide swinging skirt for women with the appropriate figure is a classic that will again come into fashion, and then again with pumps or boots, we bet?

Wide, soft-covered pants and the culotte:

The most important when pants is their width and the flowing, soft material in the coming season. Very wide Marlene cuts up to pleat, again something close to running on the ankle – the new pants look like, when the woman is alive so easily as in pajamas. This casualness does not stop, for example, against Bermuda at shorter versions. A lush slops of Marlene is only knee to mid-calf, she is now called culotte (French for “shorts”) and a little reminiscent of the good old trousers rock of the 70s.

Apply for baggy pants: they are next, the smaller and wider they make the stature and the center of your body should be the narrower. If you are small or have a little tummy , your pants of so less volume should have. Everyone else can now select their casual-wide baggy pants of many styles.

Hot pants:

The new brief panties are sometimes as high cut, they remind more of a bodice from the 50s as on a pair of pants from the women’s clothing Department. Must I say more?

So, it was in the first part of the fashion trend barometer for spring-summer 2014. As always, for great and slim women is doing far less for the smaller or interest among us. I don’t know how it’s going, but I’m almost a little peace of mind, that’s not so looks like I would miss something great, if I continue to stick to my beloved fashion classic. Blouses, shirt dresses and Bleisiftröcke are reinventing just again ‘ “. If you have need for here in your closet, snap up a now very special, also fancier cuts.

The “always time again”-fads anyway never quite out in larger, leaner women were further MIDI rock and casual-wide trousers. This especially relaxing I think that there are loose again, further cut alternatives in addition to the extremely tight and low-cut skinny pants. As a large woman it will look I determined more precisely…

And what do you mean this? Did you find a potential trend in itself, can be used for contemporary replenish your wardrobe?

If not yet, then have 2014 still more opportunity to find your personal season highlight in the next part of the fashion trend barometer. As always is: much can, but nothing must be!

The fashion trend barometer 2014 at a glance:

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