Failure Google Talk Air Strip for Most Users

The Google admits that a failure technique took the Google Talk chat (or GTalk, as you prefer) of the air at this point. Users who try to communicate through Windows applications, Android and some search sites can not even view the contact list. The GTalk returned to work on the integrated use of the interface Gmail web also after undergoing instability.

Appears in the status page of Google Talk that the team continues to investigate the problem. Earlier Google had said it was aware of a failure that affects Talk “most users”. Users who try to access the IM service are able to connect, but receive error messages or the application behaves out of the ordinary.

Google Discovery Fraga Rene says that failure remains for those who try to use Google Talk on Google’s social networks – Orkut and Google+.

I use Google Talk as a tool throughout the day and to keep in touch with people who matter to me. I get it open almost daily on my Windows machine. A few moments ago I tried again using the IM, but does not appear any online contact. The application fails to load the “name” that I use to communicate.

Although Google says that the chat works in Gmail, here we were unable to connect to IM. It’s the Google Talk blackout.

Around 10:50 the application on Windows loaded personal message and the user status that I had left the day before. Contacts continued sumed.

Update at 11.20am: It seems that the service is finally coming to work. The list of application contacts start charging some users, but not all. Google engineering team should be reconnecting users gradually.