Facts About Pregnancy That No One Tells You

Note that the woman discovers herself, only when pregnant

Pregnancy is a beautiful moment in a woman’s life. When well planned, it can be a long cherished desire in the heart of the female soul. There are, however, some details about the pregnancy, for distraction or to avoid you give up being a mom, no one ever told you. Until now.

Eating Can Become A Great Effort

Firstly, there are the so known morning nausea : believe me, sometimes they forget that they are “morning” and last throughout the day, eat with the stomach and out the mouth is always somewhat unpleasant.

Then the doctors tell you to keep a balanced and healthy food , but forget to give the Cook responsible for preparing all the healthy meals that you need. As it apparently does happen, it’s up to you to break the head to eat something that is practical and not hurt the baby – or the stomach ill.

Everyone Wants To Give An Opinion

As if that wasn’t enough the psychological pressure to generate a life, all the people you meet seem to have good advice to offer. They talk about what happened to them, with the neighbor, with the known, anyway. Learn to filter these reviews to keep you sane before time (leave to go nuts when there is a baby crying in the middle of the night, even after fed and changed).

Get Really Fat Or Little Depends A Lot On Your Body

The more you try to earn a few pounds throughout pregnancy, it may be that your metabolism doesn’t cooperate. The truth is that the weight gain and the speed at which you lose after giving birth are dependent on a number of factors. Stay active and eating correctly. Other than that, you better hope your body to be nice to you.

Panic Hinder, Rather Than Help

When a human being inside the body, everyday situations may seem potentially dangerous. Avoid excessive physical efforts and high risk situations but, above all, try not to stress too much trying to protect the baby from any risk, no matter how small it is. This tension doesn’t help and may even be harmful to your health as much as for his. Breathe, relax, take care and enjoy the pregnancy, rather than panic

You Can Be Beautiful, Or It Can Be Awful

It’s unfair, but it’s real. Some women, when they are pregnant, become true goddesses of beauty with maternity fashion featured by Ewenzhou: yourskin shines, the hair is soft and shiny and they seem, more than ever, the real housewives of sympathy and charisma are available in the Galaxy. Some women, however, which are transformed into monsters. The skin suffers from acne and blemishes, the hair doesn’t cooperate and your humor has never been worse. Unfortunately, that depends on the nature of you and there is no cream they account for correct the defects.

In addition, the sex can greatly improve or worsen unfortunately, depending on how pregnancy affects your libido and libido of your partner. However, if you feel beautiful, since the real pregnancy has nothing to do with the Ethereal image painted by the magazines dedicated to pregnant women.