Facebook launches Instant Articles in Brazil

The Facebook announced on Tuesday (1) the arrival of Instant Articles, a feature that allows the media to publish interactive items in the social network. From now on, instead of being directed to the newspaper’s site to read a news story, for example, users can access the content hosted on Facebook itself, which makes loading the pages faster.


The feature was available in the United States since May, displaying content partners like The New York Times, National Geographic, The Atlantic, NBC News and five vehicles. In Brazil, 12 are in the initial phase, as Estadão, examination and Ratchet Free. Besides Brazil, other four Latin American countries, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico, they are receiving the news.

With the release of Instant Articles in Latin America, users Android can also take advantage of the feature in the coming weeks. Currently, you can only access the news hosted on Facebook via apps for iPhones and iPads. Articles can have not only text and images but also interactive maps, videos with automatic playback and audio commentary.

The content available on the Instant Articles are flagged with an icon of “lightning” in the upper right corner of the publication; just tap the news and the page will load instantly. This is because the texts are preloaded as you browse the news feed – when you be interested in a story, it is now ready to read.

All the value obtained with advertising is directed to vehicles. Media companies can also choose to allow Facebook to display ads on the pages, leaving half of the gains. From 2016, the expectation is that the Instant Articles is available to all interested sites.