Facebook Launches Groups to Colleges

The Facebook announced last week a new product from the house: the Groups for Schools. This is a new offer of the social network that has much more expensive nostalgia than innovation. But do not be fooled. It’s all show business, not show Friends and how much of what the social giant is on the interwebs, this is not a random and unknotted point.

Yes, Zuckerberg returns to the origins of Facebook creating an alternative to student groups at universities can discuss, share files, to program events, publish notices of common interest, in short, that online force to help in the frantic routine studies. Few people know, but in the early days of the social network who just had a email ending in .edu (usually students from American universities) could register.

The option is not yet in full swing worldwide and is also not available for other countries besides the US. And there are other restrictions as the boundary files with a maximum size of 25MB. But other than that, the Groups for Schools promises to scale to the same extent to which the default social network has evolved, creating feature packs aimed at all that estudonauta more need or want the web.

The action is also a demonstration that Facebook is no joke and want to explore the most of a crop market highly profitable. The social network, thus paired with Apple in an attempt to entice students and teachers, but Cupertino has only focused on the production of content with products such as iBooks and iTunesU – primarily for those using the iOS.

On the other hand, by focusing on the student’s daily life and offer useful solutions to your routine and without altering the immense scope of platforms, applications and operating systems already quite mature and fully operational, Zuckerberg can grab a bigger slice of that cake, at once.