Facebook Introduces Automatic Photo Filters

Still no master of the sky has fallen: This applies in particular to Selfies and snapshots with mobile devices. Facebook wants to remove you hence the image processing and performs an automatic image editing according to TechCrunch, the contrasts, adjusts gamma value and co. Who don’t like it, manually repair via slider.

In the future there is a reason less post too dark distressed photos on Facebook: uploads images give the social network now own on. Who then hate the look of his image, the intensity of the intervention can rules continuously via slider. The function should be made in the course of the day for iOS users, a corresponding Android feature to follow soon after. An update is not required, because the company performs server-side the photo correction.

Apparently Only Picture Brightening Planned

It seems that Facebook’s automatic image processing is limited to lighten photos; Color saturation, sharpness, or red eyes seem to be excluded. Can only hope that the quality of images is harmed not because Facebook is already set there. Bad source material is often only marginally better by digital post-processing?

Image credit: http://www.abbreviationfinder.org/search/facebook/

Facebook Wants To Inform Users On Embarrassing Photos

In addition, Facebook plans still changes a different kind: because so many embarrassing image is in the feeds of the user, an algorithm should recognize unflattering photos and attention make – for example, under the influence of alcohol created recordings. Meanwhile, also Instagram of its app has added new filter.

Facebook Introduces Automatic Photo Filters