Facebook Apologizes for Calling “Innocent” Spammer

Activists who use Facebook to spread their message have faced problems in recent times. Updates with messaging protection to the environment were disappearing from users of history so, no more no less. Censorship? Not exactly, since the social network( as far as is known) does not delete messages due to its content.

It is the system anti-spam Facebook crashed and wrongly interpreted the messages as unsolicited advertising.

The activists say they were up to 15 days without posting updates on Facebook. Practically a punishment for unauthorized behavior within the social network.

A company spokesman took the unusual situation. He said Facebook “account does not disable or remove content simply because people are discussing controversial issues.”On the contrary, Andrew Noyes says the social network aims to be the place where these discussions should take place. Of course, because knowing the views of users gives to further adapt the advertising displayed on the pages to your tastes – which tends to generate more clicks.

Blocking these activists users in the publication of messages was done electronically. In addition to asking excuses, Facebook promised to refine their anti-spam system for this kind of thing does not happen again.

More than 10 billion of user actions such as login attempts, updates, messaging and the like are processed daily by computers social network. It is absurd number! In this scenario, it does not surprise me that some messages have been interpreted the wrong way.

Once the fault has been identified, hopefully this problem does not happen again. Okay, Mr. Zuckerberg?