Eyebrow Makeup with Henna: Tips on Applying

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Always be beautiful it’s almost a dilemma in the lives of women, thus several cosmetic products aid in the enhancement of female beauty and bring great results.One of the steps to feel good is to keep the beauty in harmony, taking care of various parts of the appearance, especially on the face, brings comfort and satisfaction.

Thus it is not enough just makeup be perfect from http://www.ask4beauty.com/2016/best-travel-makeup-case/, they want to feel good, so hair, nails, clothes and accessories must compose a harmony between themselves and the eyebrows also need to be up to date so that the visual harmony is complete.

A technique which has been widely used by women is the application of henna on eyebrows. Yes, that same pigment used in Indian tattoos or beach. The pigment leaves a subtle effect, if applied properly, promising to hide certain flaws and improve the thickness of the eyebrows, if she is thin.

Eyebrow Makeup To Henna

Eyebrow With Henna Step By Step

For all of this to happen, it is necessary to follow some steps, in case you want to do the procedure at home yourself, check:

It is necessary to make the eyebrow so that the result is good, to clean it and to trim a little of the hair, following its own drawing and also according to its type of face.

Exfoliate the eyebrow before applying the henna, to remove any residue, allowing the pigmentation to set.

Apply the henna following the eyebrow design, if you flee a little from the outline, use a cotton swab with water to remove the excess.

Wait 15 minutes, and remove the henna with a cotton swab moistened with water.

Video Of How To Make Eyebrow With Henna

Below I have left a video that teaches step-by-step how to apply the henna, check out:out site.

The procedure is simple, lasts about 15 days and is contraindicated for pregnant women because the henna pigment is rich in lead. Henafix is ​​a brand that possesses the pigment powder of henna and the kit costs about R $ 30,00 and guarantees several applications.