Extreme Ironing Sports

We’ll be here a lot of great pictures showing ironing sports “Extreme Ironing”. Sports are always in motion, there are always new sports fabricated. Thirty years no one had heard of snowboarding or kite surfing, snowboarding now an Olympic sport and kitesurfing as 2016.Or with “Extreme Ironing” or extremely also deletion goes so far out is still doubtful but practitioners of this sport take it in all cases very seriously. There are also extreme strings that combine not a sport but as a stunt to make or for fun. Take your Board and iron it!


The Puritans in the sport say that this sport was invented in the English Leicester in the East Midlands Phil “Steam” Shaw in the summer of 1997. According to reports, Shaw after a day of hard work in the factory have fancy a night climbing but is hampered by the idea that he would be a beating and he decided to combine the two.
Extreme sports are hip and at the end of the evening, Phil was a proud practitioner of a new sport and he thought that his passing even as a new nickname: “Steam”. He got there in the next two years so enjoyable that he embarks on an international tour in 1999 to promote the sport. He travels through America, visiting Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and South Africa.
In the New Zealand met Phil a German tourist who are so enthusiastic about extreme ironing them together, “Extreme Ironing International”, established as part of the “German Extreme Ironing Section” abbreviated GEIS.
Quickly limited the extreme deletion not only to climb on board and bolt, it may also be in other sports.


Basically extreme delete a sport where the athlete an ironing board, iron and some pieces bring to a hard to reach place where he is climbing, diving or sailing. The sport is so typically male current extreme sports and women in connection with traditional iron in conjunction with each other.
Many people see the phenomenon of “Extreme Ironing” as a joke where the famous English humour plays an important role, would be an extreme ironing parody of modernist extreme sports. However, practitioners of the sport very serious work, and often it is looked very dangerous situations, which is after all a part of an extreme sport.
To provide a power source needed iron energy, in the beginning, you would still have used the very long extension cords, nowadays there are also irons with a rechargeable battery. It is not uncommon for the extreme strings have no power source and with a cold iron ironing, it is just about the action, not the result of deletion.


In the Netherlands, the sport is not really known yet, but it is an association that was founded in 2010 by sports enthusiasts who want to raise awareness. Water in the Netherlands when it comes to water sports of course many possibilities.
We have since then been a great success in our name, on March 28, 2011, Aquarius Diving Club in the US, the new official world record extreme underwater established iron! A total of 173 divers went in the pool of us waters armed with a few clothes, a shelf and a bolt on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Club.
Underwater ironing, can absurdistischer? This part of the sport will surely come back to the typical British humour in the foreground. However, we can say that underwater ironing in a sea cave is something for the daredevils among us.


There are also many extreme strings that are attracted to the polar regions of our planet, it also belongs to the sport, one of the fundamental principles is, after all, which perches on a remote place and North Poland achieved full there.
Antarctica is also a great place for this, can there be iron among penguins. Well take appropriate clothing iron, it can get very cold. It has certainly been athletes who dive under the ice and standing there brushing …


There has also been a general tendency to practice extreme ironing not only as a sport but also as a way to look at the danger. The car is, therefore, natural to use good, hanging on the back or standing on the roof.
If you choose to do this, you must first make sure that you are covered well enough, we would opt for a low additional risks to our health and health care. Do this in the city on the roof of your Mercedes, you have nothing to complain about interest!
During a rally car or with a speed of 80 km/hour in the rush hour on the freeway you will definitely stand out, you get in the news.
Other dangerous places you can try is up on the roof, on the track or up in a tree. When you iron extreme on the course or if you risk heavy fines, NS and Pro Rail is generally not satisfied with such playful action.


Extreme Ironing is done also by the army, the soldiers see the humour in whether they would like to make a political statement to emphasize the futility of the war? Probably they do it mostly for fun and crazy pictures.
The image of beating soldier in the open back of a helicopter is just as well be called unique, with the pilot will still have also contributed, normally this valve opens only when they are needed for a drop.


In Japan, they also love a little freestyle extreme ironing, this is a real craze to smooth out extremes in the strangest poses. Easy thing to do if you want to get out of this type of trick in a playground in the school yard.
The two riders on tandem has it much easier even if we don’t know how long they’ve made it uphill. The five cyclists at the velodrom seem extreme ironing Elevate to art, beautiful, that in formation, and with the help of colorful outfits.


There is also a group of string players who especially want to highlight the absurd and humorous side of Extreme Ironing, while they do not continue to sport. So below, we see a young man of a cold winter have searched a water puddle where he wearing only swimming trunks steals the show. You would do yourself a little surprised look when you drove by here …
They are certainly not the only funny men sporting discipline in companies, there is also a lot of women who like extreme ironing an hour. On the tropical island of Koh Samui in the Gulf of Thailand they usually suffer from floods, a prime location for those English tourist to do something extreme ironing! Another typical British humour.
However, we can also call it quite absurd and funny when on a large plot of salt common to see two men who are busy with household Commons, they meet the condition to do the ironing in a secluded spot.
Very special, extreme ironing over an open fire. And funeral that still pounding something done before the service starts, it will also be discussed a lot, in conservative England is going to be a lot of people experience this as shocking.
Also nice, ironing in the local supermarket, if you have to do against any comment file.
This will also be true if you are a tourist in the Middle East wearing only bikini at a historically low wall a while iron extreme, you hereby grant hat for extreme religious fanatic! Since iron while touring on the unicycle is much less dangerous.


Caress you happy or think it is horrible to do? From now on you will see your Board and bolt in each case with the other eye and when stryker unwillingly? Remember that there are nicer ways to ironing, you get in it again lol!
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