External and Internal Wall Coating for Apartment

Wall coverings are part of basic reform planning or building houses and ask for many evaluation points. One of them is about the use of space, whether internal or external. On the outside there is a greater action of elements of nature like rain and sun as well as climate variation higher overnight. Not all materials are legal and just plastering with ink usually yield as much color as the same material pretty quickly.

If the space to be coated is internal, the color or pattern is the least of your worries and must be part of the final criterion of purchase. First note if the wall is wet or not. Just paint without a good finish on wet walls could mean trouble in the long run. How much more resistant to cold and moisture for the material, will be the longest life of your flooring. Are points that few take into account and are in need of new paint or reform in less than a year.

Exterior Wall Coating

Are called external walls used in front of public spaces or homes, building facades and garden or BBQ area. There are several legal proposals to use materials on walls in these locations, but always observe the durability of the material.

Ceramic – material for more traditional floor coating market and with great prices. The advantage is that it can be washed without the need of such care with the material used because she has a shelf life of 10 years on average. Some poor quality material lose the pattern easy, but support good washes, sun and rain for many years without problem. You can wash with soap and water that has no wear. It is widely used in bathrooms and kitchens the possibility of washing without problems.

Brick – the rustic style’s in fashion and is always a good choice for beach houses and field. There will be no finish in this type of wall, just used a special brick with its decorative power. He is tough and more smooth than the traditional construction, manufactured with the purpose of being used in external projects. A tip is to paint the divisions between the bricks of white or the color you want. Is elegant and well his conceptual project.

Natural stones – are diverse and marble is one of them, as well as granite. The advantage is to be tough, especially in rainy cities and may last for more than twenty years without losing anything of their color. Great tip to coat the pool area in hot cities.

Internal Wall Coating

All internal environments of their home and offices are built-in, but there are differences. Check out some materials and suggestions of the following use.

Pills – are fashionable and there are so many styles and materials available that there is no way to resist its use. Are small squares to be assembled like mosaic in the construction above a specialized mass mass race type. Are similar to ceramics and can be used in any room of the house, but they’re winning more spaces in designs in bathrooms and kitchens.

Wallpaper – humid cities can be a problem because even the most resistant end up winning mold and a bit of color over the years, but still has many fans among decorators for having texture, prints or custom may be diverse. One of the advantages is to protect your original internal coating. Didn’t like it? Only remove with the appropriate material and switch to other colors and win new decor.

PVC adhesive – is a mix between a good finish and very similar and wallpaper. The advantage of this type of flooring is to be much more resistant to the wallpaper and waterproof for the most part, what allows you to decorate Interior humid projects and bathrooms.

Wood – for being practical is an excellent coating, but warm indoor environments and is therefore most often used in cold cities in the South. Also requires extreme labor and materials specific to maintain the color, but it’s one of the floors and wall coverings cherished by its power, by giving a personal touch and classic environment.