Exterior Design Lights for Your Garden, Led Lights

You have a garden and you like stay there whenever you have free time to enjoy the joy of gardening. But when it happens at night, you see nothing, no one can admire the good landscape carefully you did in your garden. Then, it’s time to put outdoor lights to make people and yourself a feast for the eyes at night. But fraudera – to achieve the right decoration and good lighting? The possibilities are varied depending on the current condition and your specific needs.

Recessed outdoor spots

A very common choice to light the garden is the recessed spot. Because it occupies no space above the Earth and is not expensive. The only downside is the installation but indeed this is the case for most of the lights outside. Once installed, the spot diffuses the light from the bottom up, creating a good lighting effect, especially next to the walls or along walkways. It is important to choose the rugged spots and can light for a long time, it will facilitate maintenance. As well, you can achieve the measures of sealing during installation, but a more suitable solution is to buy the tight spots.

External appliques

Also a frequent choice, the outdoor sconces on wall light wall and nearby areas. She is an almost indispensable choice for outdoor lighting. However, for the garden, applies it is not a mandatory option, because the most beautiful light thing is normally not located next to the wall, or else the garden has no wall at all.

Outside streetlights

Outdoor lamppost is everywhere, it’s a vital fixture for public lighting. If you like it, you can use led lights it in your garden, and it will be a garden that seems to be large, luxurious and delicate. Because normally the lamppost is considered too “big” and “overpriced” for a private garden lighting. In reality, there are plenty of outdoor lamps for lighting in private and their prices are not terrible. Take and put them in your garden, you will find your little wild world completely renovated.

The spotlight

Often used to illuminate these squares, ponds, statues, fountain or even an entire building, the projector can also be used to point out a tree, a sculpture, or a rockery that you’re proud of her beauty. Alternatively, you can also think about projecting light to the most beautiful part of your House to direct more attentions on her. Certainly, you wouldn’t need a powerful projector that makes light of 10 000 lumens. There are small, dedicated to family use, to meet your needs.

Solar lights

The easiest option is solar lights, you wouldn’t have anything to worry about for the wiring and maintenance. Simply put the fixtures in places, then let operate them automatically with their light detectors. Once a fixture is old, you can simply take it apart and replace it with a new one, nothing to worry about. The only downside is that this kind of light is often much lower power than the lights powered by cable. The benefits are always accompanied by disadvantages.

Now, you have your idea on the choice of your garden lights? Why not take a look at our proposals for the outdoor lights?