Expiration of Birth – the Way of the Baby

The baby lays back an arduous path through the bony pelvis and the soft-tissue channel of the mother during birth. Made it, it can leave the body of the mother finally.

The bony walls of the basin provide the path of the child: the pool entrance is transverse oval, the basin center around and longitudinal oval basin output. Down, the bony basin is bounded by the pelvic floor.

Outside of pregnancy, the individual parts of the basin are connected tightly with tendons and ligaments. These structures loosen up during pregnancy under the hormonal influence of estrogens – so the joint between the Schambeinen, the so-called pubic symphysis, can give up to 1 cm and give some slack the basin in the distance.

The right turn at birth

At birth, babies have the knack. In addition, it supports a practical trick of nature: the baby’s head is also oval in its form and can happen the basin under the pressure of labor with a 90 ° rotation. Naturally, the childlike head behaves so that he fits every floor of the basin with the slightest effort the easiest way into. The head in the transverse oval pool entrance has reduced, the back of the baby on the right or left side of the mother is to fumble. A further twist with a bending of the head, precedes the round occipital and can as easily reach the center of the basin. Also, the child-like skull owns the property, to reduce its size by the skull plates can slightly vertically sliding on the edges. Now missing only one last twist and the child stands with his head in the basin outlet. The output of the basin is longitudinal oval and now shows the back of the child to the belly of the mother.

The subsequent soft-tissue channel, which consists of pelvic floor, cervical canal and vagina to leave, tackle the child his narrow mind in the pubic arch under the symphysis and stretches maternity clothes. Better is that such as putting on a Rollkragenpullovers. While taking head on the breast first, to stretch it later by the collar. While the head is born, glide the shoulders in the basin, as they stand now transversely oval. Shoulders and of the child’s body narrow in relation to the head now follow the path of the head.

Birth for breech

Only a few babies come in a different position to the world: approximately 5% of all babies are at birth in breech position, also called the breech. Because the baby – not turned in the last days and weeks before the birth not to the right birth position so with the head down into the basin – it sits with the Po in the basin. Therefore the Po is born at birth first pressed and also first in the pool. In other cases, turns the child at birth with the head in the right direction, namely downward, but comes in the supine position and facing upwards to the world. It’s called “Star Gazer” these babies.