Envy 14 Spectre: HP Unveils New Ultrabook

Robust and hard
After HP with the folio 13 announced a ultrabook to the predatory pricing, the US manufacturer with the envy put 14 spectre. The folio 13 still in relatively normal notebook design, comes a more conspicuous appearance gave HP the spectre: Shut up, palm pad and display are equipped with scratch-resistant gorilla glass. It is a heavyweight: Well 1.8 kilo weighs the envy 14 spectre.

Small enclosure

Large display

The display of ultrabooks deserves special attention. Despite the 13-inch enclosure, it brings the screen thanks to narrower rims on a diagonal of 14 inch (1600 x 900 pixels). Point stabs the spectre in the macbook air: The apple ultrabook with a comparable device width only features a 13.3-inch display. Ultrabooks: The ultra thin notebooks are.

Sandy bridge instead of ivy bridge

The spectre comes with 128 GB SSD storage on the market already the end of march 2012. The swift sale date takes its toll: Since intel only provides the new processors into ivy bridge architecture this spring, still a core i5 of the old generation (sandy bridge) with four gigabytes of memory is used in the envy. To see the configuration of the notebook but can in terms of energy efficiency: The battery are the manufacturers with nine hours.

Envy 14 spectre: New HP ultrabook

4 impressions the new ultrabook envy 14 spectre of HP connections on cramped

Space problems might have external devices. All slots (including a USB 3.0 connector, an HDMI interface, a mini displayport) has placed HP on one side of the ultrabooks. An NFC chip is lacking in the spectre. Wireless connections are possible with the notebook only via wi-fi or bluetooth.

HP envy 14 spectre a real ultrabook?

With a body height of 20 millimeters has HP with the new envy while the intel specifications kept, two other characteristics do not meet the ultrabook criteria however: Firstly the notebook is strictly speaking too heavy 400 grams. On the other hand the price well above the desired 1000-dollar mark (around 760 euro) is: The envy 14 spectre comes to prices from 1,399 euros on the market. (dd)

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