Ends The Swype Beta and It Can Already Be Found in Google Offer Play

Since we discover Swype We felt special predicleccion by this keyboard, although always competing with Swiftkey in matter of prediction. And it is system slide the finger keys liked both that Android keyboard and Swiftkey have it.

But one of the major problems that has had is that you had to be aware of updates to Swype to have updates offered in story to improve the prediction of words and dictation by voice. All these hardships have come to an end, because Swype is no longer in beta and we will be able to download it from Google Play, with all the advantages that this entails.

The full keyboard is at a price of €0.76 for a limited time, a very good price, even if it arrives a little late with respect to Swiftkey, which already has been a long time Google Play and has a very similar functions, but those who prefer this option will appreciate the immediate updates. Fortunately, there is also a trial version which allows that anyone who has not tried it can enjoy one of the keyboards which at the time was of the most innovative

Swype Version 1.5

  • Version of Android: Since 2.2
  • Developer: Nuance Communications, Inc
  • Download it in: Google Play
  • Price: 0.76€
  • Category: Tools

Swype is all about YOU. Whether you’re a Swype Ninja, fast typer, an exact tapper or a dictator, get ready for a better, faster keyboard experience that gets smarter the more you use it. Swype pays attention to the way you input text and creates a personal language model that follows you from device to device. Swype – the world’s most powerful keyboard.