Easter Outdoors

Usually at Easter, to dispose of the binge of the meal, we treat ourselves to a walk in the open air and, even if the weather does not allow it, somehow we have to tame our hair to prevent hair we go in the eye. There are many hairstyles to choose from to comb the hair, when it rains or the wind blows, so many quick and easy ideas to celebrate Easter in peace and the resulting opportunities to meet with family and friends, choosing among many of the trends for spring and choosing the look that best reflect your personality. Take a cue from these original hairstyles:

Strip and circle

Circles retro taste and leather bands, satin scarves and fabric, silk floral bows and super colorful sea once they do, they are a great way to keep hair in place during the Easter Day. Details saucy, not to take itself too seriously during the spring season that evokes lightness and spontaneity, take inspiration from the trends seen on the catwalk.

Braided crown

This is a trend that is depopulated for several seasons, to have the hair always tidy, a hairstyle at the top, made with a beautiful braided crown around his head, elegant, cheeky, but also sophisticated and refined.

Double braid French

Among the new hairstyles trend in the next season, we find the “boxer braids” or double French braids, very popular among celebrities of the moment. Hairstyle suitable for all those who want to be more comfortable and that can be used on various occasions, in the gym, during leisure time, but also at Easter.

To realize the braids boxer is expected a medium difficulty level, you should be attached to the back of his head as much as possible and must also maintain a certain symmetry between the two sides to prevent it from being distorted or is a larger braid and a thinner.

Hair bun

The bun is the most romantic hairstyle spring 2016. Be inspired by the most beautiful ideas of the moment and rediscover the dancer in you! We saw on the runways in different variants: low or high, soft or disheveled, perfect for any occasion.

Clothespin or lateral flower brooch

Among the hair trend for spring, blooming flower petals in the form of pins and pegs, but not only, also in fabric, classic one-color, crystals and pearls, to be applied laterally from one part of the crown, in this way your hair will be in place and your look simple but with a touch more fun!

Capelli cotonati

Who is looking for a feminine look for Easter, can point on the volume to be created on the hair through a gentle combing, thus giving shape to the minimal chic styling with puffy hair and elegant and decidedly vintage allure, a 60-year mood that very reminiscent of the iconic Brigitte Bardot.

Ponytail pulled

The ponytail never goes out of style. To achieve it so that it is perfect, you have to pull your hair well back, there must be no clumps out of place (you can help with a little ‘of hairspray or gel) and tie them at the top or medium height with a rubber band. The ponytail gives, in fact, a sleek and sophisticated look, while being practical and convenient, since with few moves allows you to be combed and tidy.

Hair wet look

A trend seen already last year, but continues to be fashionable, even at Easter. Because? Simply because your hair with this wet effect, recreated with the help of some styling products, will be tamed, thus avoiding end up with an unmanageable hair, crepe and rebellious.