Dry Bath: a Good Alternative for Winter

  • On cold days, the dogs don’t like to bathe. A good alternative is the dry bath, which is simple and practical.Check out!

In winter due to temperature and humidity dogs can get colds and at that time the dry bath can be an excellent alternative. Not only in winter, but this type of shower can be given in any season. In addition, the usual bath, when given too often, can cause your dog to lose a little of the fat layer, which has the function of providing protection. Because of this, the dog may be more exposed to skin diseases, such as fungi and allergies. However, this occurs when the dogs bathe with a high frequency.

But, how does the dry bath? He is given with the use of products which do not need to rinse. The advantage is that these items also clean so deep and leave a good and pleasant smell. That is, they clean as well as the conventional common bath products such as shampoo and conditioner, for example.

The dog dry bath products  are sold in Pet Shops in the form of spray. The use of them is quite simple and easy, because they are applied directly on the skin of your best friend. To prevent the dry bath can endanger the health of your dog, it is recommended that when purchasing the product for the first time, apply a small amount on the area of skin and wait a day to make sure that your best friend does not have any type of allergic reaction. In this way, read the instructions and remember to look at the expiration date.

In this way the dry bath is recommended for the cold days, if the dog has less than 4 months of age, if the vaccination is incomplete and even in older dogs. Through this type of bath the dog will stay clean, fragrant and soft and brightness by. One of the main advantages of this bath in winter, besides the simplicity is that dogs don’t get cold. On average, the bath can last approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

There are several products and brands on the market specifically for this type of bath. As already described in the application is simple. After that your best friend taking a bath, enjoy delicious to reward him by giving him your favorite snack, or a new toy for him to have a good time. How about a ride? I’m sure he will love it.