Dropbox Now Gives Us a Tera for Ten Euros Per Month

It was time and users demanding some kind of expansion of capacities in the plans of Dropbox, which now presents its new proposal to compete with the rest of alternatives that exist in the market.

They multiply by ten the ability storage for the same price basis who had their Pro plans up to now, 9.99 USD per month. That is, we have a full terabyte, 1,000 gigabytes, to store all our things, for 99 euros if we hire an entire year.

They try to compete with Google Drive, which was beginning to take cat to water presented plans a few months ago, with which directly not could be measured. Perhaps because the user base achieved during all these years he remains as the reference service.

What nothing not been mentioned is expanding the basic capabilities of its accounts, which are held in 2 GB, that can further expand completing tasks on the platform a few gigabytes more. Thus disappear several of their plans for capacity, unifying into one larger than all the ancients, for its most basic price, for the user of payment: Dropbox Pro.

From the platform are beginning to add new features to this plan Pro, as the of remote wipe, so do not worry by the data if we lose our devices. We also now find the opportunity for key links to folders that share, expiration dates to the links or read-only permissions.

Ultimately, a more mature tool with very basic and fundamental options. The problem is that we have to make the leap from 2 to 1000 GB, nothing intermediate capabilities in the surroundings of the 50 GB for a couple of euros (as double has Drive by that same amount).