Dress Tips for Special Occasion When Pregnant

Fashion tips for special occasions, when you’re expecting a baby. Proposals for maternity clothes, shoes and accessories for a ceremony

Maternity dresses for a ceremony

Here comes the summer and usually that means one thing: the call for a series of ceremonies. Whether it’s weddings, christenings or communions, it doesn’t matter. The password is: comfort. This of course does not mean that for a mom expecting practicality should translate with little clothes

elegant or glamorous, indeed. You can bestylish and sensual, even with a big belly. There is nothing better than special occasions to show itself in all its florida beauty. Let us see what are the proposals for your special moments.

LOOK Pink is the new black

This year he returned all the rage, especially in her pink pastel and powder. What’s better than wearing a maternity dress of this color? This is in line with the trends of Knockin’ 2016: a long dress, tunic-style, with a high cut on the breast so that it falls soft on his belly. For those who want a bit of heel without risking the effect foot swollen, this pair of designer shoes Mango raspberry-coloured suits you best. If it’s a church ceremony, it is best to always cover your shoulders with this pink blazer Young Couture. And for accessories? A clutch bag Menbur shades of Fuchsia and always a hat a little crazy as you use in weddings English: this Mascara is really fun!

Mood romantic look

For a romantic, Princess outfits, this dress by plus-size-tips, very soft, powder bluesuits you best: has a slight V neck and sleeves in lace look to give everything a reallydreamy. It seems instead of Brocade jacket Knitted that Heavenly background floral print resumes; at the foot the watchword is always comfort: this silver pumps by Zign won’t pass unnoticed. Sobriety for the Engineer’s clutch bag: it is known that the ceremonies must travel light!

LOOK W color!

You may opt for a more flamboyant ‘ baptism color: that’s why we recommend this long dress by Isabella Oliver. Orange is a warm tone and recalls the summer, perfect for an outdoor buffet. Should it come a little breeze, better guard: the mother of Blumarine Bluegirl on orange tones, not feel even a little thrill. If you feel super comfortable shoes instead of wearing high heels: these black Sandals woven of Primark are ideal with a long dress. In coordinated black clutch bag with orange recalls d iJasmin.

LOOK and lace!

Who says you can’t wear lace in pregnancy? This beautiful purple dress Knockin’ proves it: the sleeves give great sensuality thanks to transparency, while the jersey–a material that is great because it takes the forms of the body–falls exactly in the right spots. Foot this time a pair of high-heeled shoes, but unconventional: these dunes, silver, are comfortable but at the same time outside the box. Complete the outfitearrings Ca & brass and Crystal rose and Lou handbag Karl Lagerfeld: colorful and pregnant, what a beauty!