Dress Code Business Casual Attire

Does your company have a dress code? If yes, this is for you certainly very helpful because you know exactly what expectations does your employer to your business outfit. More difficult are the men and women in their company implied certain conventions.

Last week I about the dress code , “smart casual” written. Something formal is my topic today “business casual”. However, I must admit that the definitions partially into one another and are not always clearly distinguishable from each other.

The industries and even companies within industries have different expectations and of course different clientele. The banker at Deutsche Bank therefore dresses unlike the bankers a credit union.

When is Business Casual?

This is an important question with a clear answer. Business Casual applicable on

-Casual Friday
-on business or
-the leisure program at your company events.

Stylist Tips: Business casual means the “casual-chic”. They are casual dressed as in your spare time, but not too casual. I’ll explain the same for men and women in the individual.
Business casual has the effect of loose businesslike. But you must of course still come across as competent and convincing for customers, colleagues and bosses.

Business Casual for Women

As a woman you can fashionable blouses, sweaters, skirts or pants contribute Business Casual. Casual dresses showing Educationvv. In footwear, it is with business casual not extremely formal – you can contribute ballerinas or sometimes a peep toe. Everything towards casual, but your look should still look chic.

My statement: Business casual is a semi-official outfit. On Casual Friday, you can dress as or corporate parties, corresponding more closely to a leisure activity, such as a family celebration, when your husbands and children are invited.

Handy tip: Pull out a beautiful, white jeans. At a navy blazer or a great colorful blouse sees a white jeans even now in the fall very classy. However, if even a little way casual.

Business Casual for Men

The most important thing for the men first: you must wear a tie. So the situation has relaxed for most of them quite significantly. Most men that I know, consider it a punishment to wear a tie. Personally, I find it, however, always super nice if men adorn themselves with a fancy tie.

If your shirts you can be a little more colorful than the normal daily business. Pattern or colored dress shirts are expressly permitted in business casual. You can combine fine knit sweater and jackets to. In pants actually everything is allowed – except jeans. They are not businesslike enough in the office. To chinos, cotton or flannel trousers fit of the shoes also produce loafer or slipper quite outstanding.

Handy tip

If you are unsure whether your outfit is official enough, opt for safety’s sake rather for the more conservative outfit. In business, it is not bad to be a little overdressed. But underdressed aground at the customer, could be uncomfortable for you.

How is it by you? Do you work at a company in which there is a casual Friday? Then how do you go to work? Are you also ties so hateful as the men I often hear about groan? In what shoes you feel as a woman especially comfortable and confident?

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