Drawing of a NICI Wonderland Doll with All Their Accessories

That are dolls NICI Wonderlandbeautiful? Do you know them? I fell in love with at first sight of them and so I wanted to do a giveaway on this blog of toys. Each of them is set in a different concept, are super soft plush, adorable, and are all add-ins so that our kids believe their own stories. Really I recommend them because I love them. Minilina, Minilotta, Minilara and Miniclara are called. If you are still reading I speak of each one of them and I tell you how to win one with all its accessories.

Dolls like girls. And moms? The first doll of the NICI Wonderland line I discovered was veterinary Minilina and not thought to Valentina! (my daughter) but for my sister Mabel. It is doctor and lover of animals, such as Minilina. Since everyone liked, had a hamster that lasted for three years and a half of the well that cared it, then it has had dogs, turtles… and also loves dolls! This Christmas will have its veterinary Minilina and is that alucinará you.

You can also have one with all their accessories. Do you know how?

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Now wholevehicles will present you these adorable dolls. Minilina, veterinary medicine loves animals more than myself. Who wants to help me take care of the little kitten, puppy and mischievous Bunny? It has a nice Briefcase of doctor with many accessories
colorful to care for their small patients. The set of as all the of the range of these dolls NICI Wonderland, veterinary, is made with high quality materials typical of the German manufacturer NICI.

Minilina is made of high quality plush and little girls favorite colors: pink and red. Minilina has many Add-ons Teddy: dresses, blouses, trousers. It also has a Nightgown and a mask for sleep. All dresses have been developed to be reversible. When Minilina came with her friend, travel sleep in your sleeping bag stuffed and you can cover with your blanket. Who do you love?

By the way, Minilina also has a folding House that can be decorated with reusable stickers. Her friend is called Minilotta. This has as a pet to a small duckling that always dabbling in the water. It carries its small sleeves and bath cap, in addition to a super diving goggles. After playing in the tub, Minilotta likes to exchange your reversible dress with her friend Minilina.

By the way, Minilotta of quick drying filling material allows play with her perfectly after bathing or swimming with it without leaving it wet.

Then I would like to introduce you to Minilara, to whom the flowers, the trees and the Sun like. Why is gardener. She loves to be outdoors and planting his small garden, also play in the garden with his friend Bunny.

With Minilara you can make your garden come alive in your children room. And when you no longer play to plant tomatoes you can play dress up Minilina, Minilotta and Minilara with its wide range of shirts, dresses, hats, reversible skirts…

Finally, I want to introduce you to Miniclara, whose greatest wish is to become a ballet dancer. To do so, as many of your daughters, dance on a daily basis. His friend accompanies you Kitty. Miniclara carries a pink jersey with Teddy, a detachable skirt and pink ballet slippers. A set of clothing consisting of a tiara, a tutu, heaters and wings, all made of soft plush. With what do you stay?