Download Stopwatch for Mobile

A cell phone timer is very useful in a variety of situations. If you are one of those who are overly concerned with time and efficiency, timing some tasks may be the first way to find out how to save time. The basic timer of Android devices leaves much to be desired in many ways. So downloading and installing a more complete timer for Android can help a lot.

Download Stopwatch for Mobile

Extra functions of a stopwatch

It also has a countdown timer that serves to measure the maximum time that goes by doing a task. It can be used to set the time to stop a workout, to set the time limit for a 1-hour nap, or even in the kitchen to avoid burning the food. Just set the time and set an alarm to ring.

The best stopwatch applications

One of the best programs I found for this purpose was Stop Watch & Timer . This mobile stopwatch program is excellent. Very simple to use and very complete at the same time. Allows you to set the timer in full screen and with configurable colors, to see from far more easily. In addition, it runs in the background and shows a small time counter in the mobile taskbar. I do not see how to be better. You can download the Stop Watch & Timer Stopwatch from the Play Store, if you prefer.

There are some applications that also allow the configuration of alarms in time intervals, like the applications used in the Pomodoro technique of productivity. Also a timer with these intervals for the practice of physical exercises, to configure the routine exchange of exercises is also good. Sure enough, a timer is on my list of best Android apps .

After using it enough, tell us in the comments what you think of this app!