#Donnanacopa: The Looks That The Chicks Are Using To Root For Brazil

Be in the bar, at the stadium or even at home, the women’s pulling to combine the Green and the yellow looks to be a cheerleader during the World Cup. And, let’s face it, the task is not very easy, isn’t it? But there are people who are doing well-and! -in the mission.
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To help you perfect the visual for the next games, Donna went to the Embarcadero, point of fanatics in the heart of downtown Porto Alegre, and clicked some of the cheerleaders who were there for the Nigeria game x Argentina. On our radar, real women, and with outfits easy to copy-no dog food impossible, right?
No literal references. To watch the match of Argentina, the oilfield Laura Hamester chose a blue and white striped blouse-any resemblance to the shirt of Argentina is not mere coincidence. Worth a tip: you don’t always need to be with the national team shirt to compose a cheerleader. To top it off, riding-style boots and jeans. No mystery!
Once you’ve chosen the team colors of Messi for the visual-and it looks like luck, isn’t it? The oilfield also Don Aguilar opted by the shades of blue in delavé jeans, super stylish, in Cardigan and scarf-ideals to placate the breeze that was going on in the harbor. Production that works well for those who get off work and go straight to the bar to stretch the commemoration.
Had that came out in uniform with a passionate colors of Brazil even when the game is our rival selection – but with Monday’s victory against Cameroon, our star players are deserving of extended support, right? The architecture student Maria Nan Qin combined cardigan green with yellow top, two items which are easily found in the closet and make the role of Berne easy. To face the cloudy day, jeans and dark boots – double infallible in the closet of the Gaucho winter.
We love the pair of friends with almost matching looks! Liane Vieira, psychologist, lit up the look with the perfect yellow leather, while the public servant was green sweater Sakthivel Marrero. Notice the napkin with the pattern of the flag in the neck?
What are you using to cheer for Brazil?
We’re curious to see what our readers are using to watch the matches of the selection. Want to share your look with us? Just share your picture with the hashtag #DonnaNaCopa. The best productions can appear in the magazine. The instamission is valid until 2 July, Tuesday. Work in visual, eh!