Dog Sitter for Wedding

Then the special day is coming, we organize every aspect in detail because everything is perfect, not to leave anything to chance. The guest list is one of the first things you need to accomplish for a wedding, but what is the invited more faithful you want next on a day like this? Trust, of course. And the unconditional love for animals was born the need to create a professional profile to the task: to look after the dog of the spouses during and after the ceremony, but above all to make it share in the joy of the event.

The figure of wedding dog sitter comes alive in America a few years ago and since then its spread in the rest of the world has been very rapid and appreciated, especially in Italy. The professionalism of this person must find roots in the preparation and experience, for this many fans embark on a training course.

In the internet you can find many contacts ready to offer different services: it is essential that the bride and groom meet at least once a wedding pet walker to allow your dog to know him, not to feel uncomfortable or scared on their wedding day; from here starts their relationship which will continue in the following period.

Many wedding dog walkers provide a range of services that go beyond the simple control, from entertainment for four-legged friends up to real shootings made from the dog’s point of view.
The professional attentive will prepare to make it elegant theme accessories, from the simple collar or leash until a small bouquet to match that of the bride for the lady dogs or a cute bow tie in the case of dogs. It is important that the dog is present in family memories, so the wedding dog walkers will have to make sure everything is perfect from the point of view of look.

If you want your pet to take part in the ceremony and give her sweet contribution, why not give him the honor to “carry” the faiths at the altar? The wedding dog walkers will calculate the time and accompany Fido right in the most important moment, in addition to ensure you are comfortable and that everything runs smoothly.
Many couples, considering your pet a real member of the family, prefer to rely on a professional only in the first part of the wedding, while others wish to have it next throughout the reception because their dog is cared till evening: there are different services calculated in hours or event, just to handle every need.

A brushed and tweaked are the very last touch before the day begins, for you and your faithful four-legged friend.