Diy Birthday Party Decorations

Some ideas to decorate your home in a personal and original for a birthday party!

The birthday party is always an important event for adults and children; serve pastries and snacks prepared by us, maybe the tasty finger food, and decorate our House with something created by us makes the day extra special. Donnaclick provides you with some ideas from localtimezone for DIY wall clock decorations, to make colorful and original birthday celebrations!

Chain of candy

You need

  • Candy colored perforated in the Center
  • Colored tape
  • Clip and wire to hang

This chain of candy is easy to create but highly effective. Not to have to do is insert the candy, alternating colors, in the tape. This done, you can decide how to use your chain: you can hang it at the table, to the wall, make many, maybe small, and hang them around the House. The environment will become immediately more cheerful easy manner!

The Garland with message

You need

  • letters of the alphabet which you can download and print from the site ofMartha Stewart
  • White and colored construction paper
  • scissors
  • colored tape

Print the letters of the alphabet (or draw them already, even more original!) on a card stock colored. Cut out the letters and make the message: “happy birthday”, “happy birthday” and so on, adding the name of the birthday boy and some cheerful symbol. Drill a hole in the Board and thread them on tape, to create a long Garland. Hang it on the wall above the buffet table and try to play with colors; the nuances of the table can be in perfect harmony with the color of the Garland or in stark contrast: it’s up to you to play with your imagination! Another nice idea would be to add tickets written by the friends of the birthday boy, hung the wreath.