DIY Bag with Old Pants

A nice idea to sew a bag DIY, starting from an old pair of trousers, a simple and cheerful tutorial!

DIY bag with a pair of old pants

This tutorial explains how to make a bag by a pair of old pants. We know how much you like the bags DIY given the success of articles like this and we just then that venture and discover how to make a beautiful bag recycling a pair of pants.

In the material you will need to have a pair of jeans and a sewing machine and little else. Following all the instructions to create this beautiful bag.

Necessary material

  • a pair of normal or baggy jeans (skinny nothing)
  • sewing machine
  • pins
  • needle and thread
  • scissors


  1. We cut the pants along the inside seam to open the gamab
  2. Take a bag that we like and appoggiamola on our jeans, the upper end must match the hem of the trousers
  3. We cut along the outline of our bag, but leave about 4-5 cm margins because then there are going to sew
  4. We repeat the same operation on the other leg
  5. With the surplus of jeans we provide to cut the strips that will then be our flounces.Remember that should be the same number in front and behind
  6. We sew the bag with the sewing machine, leaving only the upper opening of which, however, we have to sew the hem
  7. We take our crags and appoggiamole on the bag and fissiamole with pins.
  8. We sew their own in places where the salt springs, there where we pinned with pins
  9. We sew all the frills in order to lock them securely
  • With the last bit of advanced jeans we make a shoulder bag and cuciamolo

Here is the photo tutorial explained very well to sew the bag, which should then be decorated
bag DIY Tutorial from an old pair of pants

Total white look: 2015 summer trend is the absolute white

The total white look is often feared by women: some associates to brides, who goes to the Saturday Night Fever, but we will reveal some tricks to show off this look without side effects

Wearing the total white this summer

And ‘one of the tactical colors of summer, because it enhances the tan and gives radiance to the wearer, but white, in contrast to the black or other colors, is looked at with a little’ of skepticism when we think of a outfit monochrome. In fact there are different opinions on the total white pants featured on Carswers, and most still are not positive: some attributes it to a bride, who – even worse – think of a style look Saturday Night Fever , those who still associate it immediately with some trades as the imbiachino or ice cream.

straw bags for summer: the must-have to wear all day

But what many do not know is that the total white look, as well as being an evergreen all year round, can be worn without causing none of these effects. Here as for example:

Use multiple layers

To those who fear that an all white outfit may seem too simple to suggest you experiment with different hem lengths overlapping each other, thus creating the movement and get rid of that effect without form, typical of this color. Overlap the mesh, used skirts with ruffles, gifted volume usingdifferent layers, and the effect will be very richest.

Mixed fabrics

The right mix of fabrics can also add depth to a monochromatic look: associated therefore a lighter fabric with a slightly heavier material to make your total white outfits more consistent.

Dare forms …

A monochromatic look allows you to experiment with exaggerated shapes and unusual: opt for a pair of pants from the bold style, like the shorts that are wide and flared legs and cut at the ankle, and you will be far from trivial.

… But do not overdo it with the trends

If you decide to give a touch of originality to your look with a quirky head like culotte pants, at least try to dampen the effect of “freak” combine them with a simple and discreet top : the exaggerations are never frowned upon, even in the world of fashion, so everything else must necessarily be more sober and minimalist.

Add accessories

When one embraces a completely white look from head to toe, better to bring in a touch of whimsy through some unusual and quirky accessories, like a pair of fancy shoes , a statement necklace, bangles in shades of black and brown or maxi-earrings pendant .