Discover How To Combine The Clothes Properly

Each person has their own style, but there are some important tips that all girls should keep in mind when choosing your clothes. There are forgivable mistakes, but there are also some combinations that cannot be tolerated. For this reason, here you some very important tips so not committed serious errors at the time of combining their garments.

It goes well the clothes according to your body

All people have different bodies. Some are more petite and other higher, there are those who have more hips and others have more pronounced chest. Therefore, if you want to see you well you have to choose items perfect for your body type, according to globalsciencellc.

According to the shape of the garments you choose, you’ll see that your body will look very different. The first step to combine the clothes is that you choose garments that adapt perfectly to your body. Any questions you have asked in the shop that you do, and don’t be lazy and test different items until you find the favors you.

Ten in your wardrobe apparel basic

Your wardrobe should be full of basic garments and they are very easy to combine, in addition to help you create any look that you wish to look. All the clothes you have in your closet should be combinable with any other clothing, so it is very important to buy garments thoroughly for this function.

Combining clothes with prints

At the time of clothing with prints, I recommend that you do not combine different prints. For example; It is not good idea that striped pants combined them with checked shirts, because it looks horrible. It is best to use only a print by attire and nothing else. He is the print selected highlight by combining it with a solid neutral color, and choose a color from the tone of some detail of the pattern. Remember, combining different prints is a risk, which would harm the look you want to create.

How to combine accessories

Bag and shoes that you use must be the same color

Combine a bag of brown with black shoes is not recommended, because her look will not be unified, and it will appear that he is has dressed first thing you found in your wardrobe. Make sure that accessories such as bag, belt and shoes are a whole.

Be very careful with the colors of your jewelry

Rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets are policymakers give a very special touch to your look. It is not a good idea to use your new necklace but not match your clothes. Even if you die of desire to use it, but don’t use it with the perfect outfit it not worth, and you frustrarás.

Combinations forbidden (unless you want to draw attention)

  • Do not combine white tights with dark boots.
  • Do not mix items of winter clothing summer or vice versa.
  • Do not combine the dark blue to black.
  • Even it is not very well combine different patterns.
  • If items are not properly adapted to your body type, do not use them.
  • Little by little be adapting yourself to new styles.

Dresses and skirts combined with shoes

Choose a pair of shoes or others will depend on many variants: the colors, the style that you want to get according to the occasion and prints of their skirts and dresses, long-waisted or cutting their clothes, etc.

Choose the shoes according to the occasion

Choose the shoes according to the occasion is essential to combine with skirts and dresses. If you are invited to an important occasion, you have to dress elegantly and for that you have to opt for high heel shoes. With this type of shoes look elegant at the same time your walk and your movements will be influenced. If you are looking for is comfort because you have a busy day, choose flat sandals or a pair of flat shoes, enabling it to go from one side to another without discomfort.

Combines dresses and skirts to the length

To choose shoes appropriate also must take into account the length of the garment with which you are going to combine. Mostly dresses and long skirts are combined with high heel shoes, because this kind of shoes is more difficult to walk on the skirt. If you want to combine a skirt or a short dress, I advise you to do it with closed-toe shoes or type salon, summer Sandals high heels or flat is advisable.

Select colors and/or patterns

It is very important that shoes combine perfectly. It is not necessary that shoes are the same color as the dress or skirt, but it is essential that you choose a color or pattern that harmonize very well.