Discover How To Choose Wedding Dress

The wedding dress is one of the most important elections of a wedding and above all is one of the things that most excites women. For this reason, it is very important for every bride to choose their own dress, in such a way that it look beautiful and radiant on your wedding day. The wedding dress has to be super comfortable for your body, also has to go according to the decoration and the type of wedding.

  1. identify with her dress: in choosing your wedding dress has to feel yourself. You can choose a dress with too much volume or a dress of tissue, the important thing is that you like, it is super comfortable and identified with this style. Remember, the choice of wedding dress is the key to feel radiant and safe on the special day, in which you will be the main protagonist and the center of attention of the present.
  2. note to the professionals: Although you always choose the dress to your taste it is advisable to let advice by professionals. For example, if you’re a bride very thin have to choose a beautiful skirt that has some volume. Tissues that possess little flight make it look thinner than it is, but if you want a dress that is a lightweight fabric, then I suggest you to reinforce the skirt with gathers.
  3. has to choose the dress in advance: it is recommended that you choose your dress at least seven months in advance. It is important that the dress will test several times and searched possible use with accessories or details that you will use in your wedding, so avoid suffer from stress in the last hour.
  4. If you cannot find your dress quickly, will not overwhelm: I had the opportunity to see many brides who found the right dress tested only once and on the other hand, other brides had to prove in various stores several wedding dresses to choose the perfect. If you choose your dress of bride in advance as I advise you in paragraph three does not have why spread panic.
  5. never forget to consult the latest trends: see Bridal magazines and websites of stores for the latest trends. It is essential that you have an idea of what you really want, if you want to short tail or tail much, what are fabrics that more you like, type of neckline likes more, etc. If she goes to the store with a good idea, they will sit you better and you will find the right dress.

10 Tips for Petite brides and see how high on the wedding

One of the concerns that abounds in the brides that are of small stature, is look how stylized your special day. Then I leave a list of tips that take advantage of your body very well and able to forget his stature on the day of your wedding.

Tips on dress

  1. It is appropriate to choose a gown that is simple and has a slight fall.
  2. Put aside those dresses that have too much volume, fabrics that are thick, excess details and embellishments like ruffles.
  3. Try to buy or choose dresses that are straight cut and cut dresses Empire, since these types of cuts lengthen and Stylize your silhouette.
  4. Concerned that her dress has a v-neck style V, strapless, or any neckline covering not much your chest area. The high neckline, believe it or not, will make you look shorter.
  5. Do not choose dresses that are designs that leave your body at the waist. Rather opt for style dresses Princess, since they cut into the bottom of the bust visually elongating your silhouette.

Tips for shoes

  1. Buy shoes that are high heels, if they have a little platform would be much better for you not tired him too. Feel pain in the feet is horrible and would harm their special day.
  2. If the dress that you have chosen is not very long, I recommend you to choose shoes that are open at the front, because this type of shoes will make your legs look more long.

Other details that must be considered

  1. It is not appropriate to use glue or veils too long, since these accessories emphasize their stature.
  2. Hairstyles collected, I advise you to choose monkeys that are tall or those monkeys that have at the Crown volume, these hairstyles will create the effect of greater height.
  3. Use accessories such as earrings, tiaras or everything related to jewelry that are in moderate size.

Fashion tips for high brides

Brides who are of high stature, will not have no problem in choosing her dress. That Yes, can not want seem so high or that the boyfriend is more quietly. If so, I recommend to take into account the following tips.

-Avoid those dresses that are cut Empire, because these dresses are cut under her chest and as a result more lengthen your figure. On the other hand, the major cleavages and Bare shoulders create the opposite effect, so it will help you properly hide the height. If you’re a high bride choose neckline honor or strapless dresses. You can even choose those dresses that have necklines at the back.

-Even if you believe it or not, plain dresses help you Stylize and lengthen the silhouette, by what can choose dresses having as basis the details and lace. Models with big skirts and flights are also favorable for high brides. On the other hand, I advise you not to use veils and tails that are very long.

-If we talk about hairstyles, a collected high lengthens the neck and therefore gives a feeling of greater height. Therefore, for Brides of tall stature are recommended the following hairstyles: collected low, loose hair, hairstyles with tiaras and semirecogidos.

-As regards the bouquet, brides that are high can choose large bouquets that are colorful, can be ramos in Cascades or branches with long-stemmed and side stop those small bouquets.

-Today it is fashionable to use ballerinas, since they will be covered by the dress. If you are lover of heels and refuses to set them aside, don’t worry. You have to do is choose which is more short people.

Tips on choosing the wedding veil

When you have chosen the right wedding dress, don’t think that just with a slope, now has to choose accessories that will accompany your wedding look. One of the most important accessories is the veil, so I advise you to read the following tips to choose the right Wedding Veil.

  1. many people think that choosing the wedding veil is very simple and quick, because they are very wrong, since today there are many types of wedding veils and opt for one is very complicated. Remember, to choose her veil must already have the right dress.

2 before purchasing the Wedding Veil, it has to think if you really need it or requires it, because the veil is not mandatory. There are brides who want to marry veil unveiled and others. This is a question of personalities.

  1. the wedding veil must be correctly with your type of face.
  2. to choose the veil also you have to consider the shape of your body.

5 it is recommended that when you go to your hairstyle and makeup test, already have ready the Bridal Veil, since that way stylist is responsible for creating a proper harmony between her hairstyle and the veil.

  1. If the wedding dress you purchased is too loaded, you have to choose a veil that is simple. On the other hand, if your dress is easy to choose a veil that is most striking.
  2. the length of veil should be chosen taking into account the time that you want to use it. If you only want to carry it at the ceremony, choose a wedding long veil. If you are going to wear until you finish the feast, then opt for a short veil. From my own experience that I had at my wedding, wear a veil all the ceremony is uncomfortable. Rather I suggest to remove the veil after the waltz of boyfriends or before the banquet.
  3. rather than opt for a Bridal Veil, I advise that you try various styles.

9 when the veil will try you have to look in a mirror that is full-body and look at it from several angles. You have to be very well see both ahead and behind.

10 remember, the color of the veil you buy has to be equal to the color of your dress.

If your face is…

  • If your face is round, it is best to choose a veil which falls to the sides of his face in order to make it to look narrower.
  • If your face is square you are advised to not choose short veils.
  • If your face is rectangular choose a veil that is layered.
  • If his face has the form of PEAR you have to create much volume at the top of his head.
  • Without his face has the heart-shaped or triangular is choose a veil that stand behind his head in a snap.
  • If his face diamond-shaped or oval, you can choose the veil you want.

If your complexion is…

  • High: any kind of veil that is going very well. Only try the veil to go very well with the dress.
  • Low: If you are of short height away from short veils.
  • Plump: choose the veil that is asymmetrical or a veil falling in layers.

Trends in makeup depending on the time of the wedding

Weddings in the morning. Play with the tones cake and hair loose or semirrecogido. If the marriage ceremony is planned for the morning, but the party will be in the afternoon or evening, then I advise you to take the hair collected and an ochre make-up or land, that way you will not lose the naturalness of the morning.

Weddings in the afternoon. The makeup a bride that will be has celebrate your wedding in the afternoon, should be with tones such as cafes, Golden, pink tones and combinations between them. The hair has to carry it semi or fully collected.

Weddings at night. For weddings that take place in the night, a makeup that is a little more shocking and dramatic, without having to miss the subtlety that must maintain a bride is recommended. Natural is passed to the grayscale, with mixtures of silver shades, shades of pink, honey, Brown, blue and some in pastel shades. The hairstyle should be the bride who marries at night, must be semirrecogido or picked up.

Tips for hair care

  • The preparation of hair is very important to get a good hairstyle, their quality and their care get to be a success.
  • If you are combing your hair or retouch highlighted and discoloration, you have to do it in advance, minimum half month prior to your wedding.
  • To give you a better shine to your hair have to nourish it and deal with it very well, 2 months in advance. Use proper capillary treatment and let your stylist to advise him.

Tips for skin

  • I advise you that handling treatments, nutrition, acne control, control of fat or expression lines control, taking into account your need and your type of complexion.

Keep your skin clean: If the skin is properly cared for has great advantages and guarantees a perfect makeup.