Different Kinds of Window Decals

Who knows followed my articles, that at us in the apartment is already hanging one or the other wall decals. Some time ago I’m on Lovala hear, because there are window decals. This interested me and of course I have the opportunity to get a Fenstertattoo test.

The choice of motifs is very nice, especially for `children there is a great window decals. I wanted to have something for `living room window, because our windows are dirty from the inside somehow, that’s some time ago happened, but as they otherwise are still good, are all for my new plans.
In addition to window tattoos there are also Spielgetattoos, I also a great idea.

Decided I was then a great floral motif, that actually there are very many individual flowers, grasses, birds and butterflies. Because here we have a double window, as well quite large I have Fenstertattoo once made ​​at one of the windows, I’m going to the but again buy more for the second window and so you can not see the streaks so doll.

The Fenstertattoo composed of: 20 flowers and stalks, 5 butterflies and birds in 2 different sizes. Whereby the largest flower is 28 cm high.
The color is milky transparent with glitter effect, which looks very nice and not pushy. It can itself be creative stick to the template or.

To attach the window Tattoos window must first be cleaned / purified. Thereafter, the support film, after which the actual tattoo is firmly pressed, works best with a doctor who has not at hand, the also with a set menu, make like a credit card. Thereafter, the individual parts are cut and peeled off the white backing film. Now the tattoo can be positioned at the window and the transfer film to be carefully taken off … and there goes Fenstertattoo.

Looks great, right?

It can without problem also for cleaning windows are wiped over it and makes the windows catch the eye.
I used a lot of window images with Window Color or Photo Paper, but the problem is that we in here in the living room have the sunny side and the partially viewed colors have dissolved at the edge. An even bigger problem was to remove the image. Often it tears it and leaves behind unattractive borders.
This happens when the window tattoos are not, they can be any residue and easy to remove.

The wall clocks are 100% made in Germany and the designs are all self-designed and have not been purchased.

I am absolutely thrilled by the idea with the window Tattoos and can at Lovala is something for everyone, looks at you just look around.