Designs of Headdresses to First Communion

To organize a beautiful glamorous event must view the primary details, for what I now have talk about designs of head dresses to first communion 2013 which is very important for your children since it implies an elaboration of costumes, dress, or table decorations and an endless number of decorative details that may not pass. Therefore you will now present a few cute headdresses of communion that are easy to make and can look spectacular for your little ones.

Then I’ll give you the materials so you can make the first communion headpieces and are:

  • Silicone adhesive.
  • Headbands, brooch and comb.
  • Thin brass wires.
  • Whale tape.
  • Organza flowers.
  • White satin organza ribbons.
  • Floratape white.
  • Satin ribbon.
  • Crystal rose tone beads.
  • Headband Model with Flower.
  • . We must first cut a strip of peyon of 4 cm wide by the length of the headband and be able to stick with silicone by the lower part of the same.
  • . Then we stick the Ribbon with satin on the outside of the headband, and then the interior of the same party.
  • . Two short after sections of the strip of organza and be able to cook a Backstitch in one of the banks and to pull the thread until pleating to be able to form two circles.
  • . Stick the overheads of the ends of the headband circles and on this ornament placed a flower to radiate a beautiful decoration.

Model of Head dress.

. This design must put together a guide to 6 or 7 flowers and tying wire, which should be approximately measured about 15 cm long.

. Then we cover the wire with all the flowers with flora tape tips and give you a perfect curve shape.

Model Headset Taped Whale Belly.

. ACA must cover entire headband with a belly of whale tape and start the tip of armchair with the bar from one end to the other, then the tape rolling and can set with silicone tips.

. Then stick the flowers at the top of the headband or also in the side to give an elegant design for first communion 2013.

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