Design Water Bottles to Not Waste Plastic

For years the bottled water industry has achieved a free product not only is sold in stores, but also as an element that denotes luxury and distinction.

The design of the bottles is largely responsible for this qualitative leap in the consumption of this sector.

Many other functional and sustainable models have also changed the way of consuming water and manage to look with different eyes to transparent liquid. These six proposals are an example of how much water is based on creativity and technology.

1 Cool It

Canadian designer Francis Cayouette has found a hybrid between traditional pitcher and a modern bottle in this proposal which has a rubber seal in a circular manner. Created for the Danish company Stelton, this 1.5 litre container is a reinvention of the bottles from the 19th century with roll-up door. If you remember to IKEA it is because their creator worked for multinational for a time.

2 Ooho

The Spanish Rodrigo García González with Pierre Paslier and Guillaume Couche are Skipping Rock Lab, where you have created the award-winning Ooho. This revolutionary idea allows that each of us can do our own container of water and that in addition we eat it ourselves. The gelatinous membrane that covers the water is made from seaweed and is inspired by that surrounds the egg yolks. The process of spherification, already applied in gastronomy for other uses, is encapsulated in gelatin food take a fixed form.

3 Vapur

From Canada and the United States becomes the antibotella of water. It is flexible and can roll up, so carry it when it is empty is the simplest. When it is full, its design allows to hook it to a bag or backpack. It functions as the toothpaste tube, is composed of antimicrobial materials you can wash and freeze.

4 Doppler

“The bottle is the message,” says the website of this Dutch design devised to reduce the massive use of plastic. Almost half a million bottles are thrown away every minute in the United States and only a very small percentage of them are used. This half liter bottle reusable, whose top serves as a vessel, comes to these consumption data. A percentage of sales revenue is earmarked for projects to create sources of drinking water in Nepal.

5 S’well

In addition to caring for their elegant aesthetics, this model made of stainless steelis actually a modern version of the thermos of lifetime. It is able to maintain the cold liquid for 24 hours and hot for twelve hours unless hands notice the high or low temperature. His collection S’cented incorporates natural scents to their different models.

6 Booble

BOOBLE is not only colorful, also is a water bottle that filters its content while you drink it. Attachment is an activated carbon filter that removes chlorine and organic contaminants from the wave tap. A model designed for those who spend most of the day in active. Each filter is replaceable and has a life span of 150 litres, i.e. 300 applications.