DECORATIVE Vinyls: Tips to Customize Your Bathroom


Your bathroom will never be sufficiently colorful, arranged and sophisticated with many alternatives that exist to renew. In fact, if we focus on economy, many of these options are so cheap and at the same time as effective, that got change is radical for less than what it would cost a flamboyant super renewal, that is what happens with luminescent panels dividing fluowall.

The most interesting decorate this way is the amount of proposed styles, so imagination is the limit, that and the tastes that you characterize. So if you want to have an oceanic bath, vinyl can provide the environment with themed stickers.


To give a touch of fun thought in intense, colorful and easy to combine designs. Forget neutral tones and monochromatic decorative , instead choose tones of blue, Orange, rose and green. It adds a series of bubbles in the bathroom door and decorate the walls with pictures of soaps, accessories or for a lively and unconventional style bath toys.

Certainly there is a lot to choose from and is not good to limit, because if you’re not going along with the fun and prefer more sober styles, they will surprise the monochromatic vinyl ranging from white, black and earth colors. The gray color is essential and blends perfectly with all kinds of walls, simply select floral designs, marine, with images relating to beauty or geometric figures to modify the appearance of your bathroom.

Vinyl, elements to customize, give us an advantage at the time of our emotions, make tangible serve to decorate a more futuristic and allow instant, clean and perfect results. Unlike paint, vinyl designs are detailed and have soft edges, while similar decorations in less quality paper can easily succumb with exposure to liquid and vinyls are waterproof effect.

Decorate with vinyl is not just a matter of drawings and forms, also come into action elements so that the change is expected and involves lots of variety. Remember that in addition to walls, windows and doors, bathroom, you can decorate items such as cups, basins, shower bath…


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